Off the Clock

This is just a poem I wrote about a year ago for a writing contest. Enjoy!

Off the Clock

Office grind and a big salary

Don’t appeal to me.

Predictability and morning coffee

Just depress me.

Settling on a ready-made blueprint of a life,

Complete with a stepford wife,

Is not a part of my reality.

Freedom from routine and complacency

Is where I want to be.

Imagination and creativity

Will never come second.

Inner truth is always right,

While outside opinions can take flight.

My life is not yours to take

And no life path is the same.

Keep your upgrades and business trips,

I’ll stop and smell the tulips.

The moment is worth more than money can buy

And happiness cannot be penciled in.

A one-size fits all life

Only leads to boredom and strife.

Individuality is the golden key

Unlocking all my possibilities.

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