Syringes Galore

These are the lyrics to the first song I ever wrote. I plan to record it at some point because I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound when I wrote it. A melody just popped into my head and I had a concept, so the lyrics came fairly easily. The song is sarcastic and funny, but it deals with very serious issues at the same time.

And yes, I’m supposed to look psychotic in the picture above. lol Don’t piss off the creep holding the giant syringe…

Syringes Galore


[Verse 1]

My favorite part of every day

Is when the next dose comes my way

The purple, pink, and light blue tablets

Get rid of my horrid habits


My doctor keeps me nice and looped

He loves to see my eyelids droop

And when the pills start to wear off

Everyone begins to shout for…



Syringes galore-ore, syringes galore

Shoot me up, like a whore

Syringes galore

Syringes galore-ore, syringes galore

Pilled out on the floor

Syringes galore


[Verse 2]

Talk is cheap and so is sympathy

All we know is straight-up apathy

I let pills just do the talking

While my illness lays in hiding


I know I’ll never be a junkie

DARE taught me that drugs were naughty

Prescriptions aren’t like hardcore drugs

They’re legal and some even come in…



Syringes galore-ore, syringes galore

Welcome to the candy store

Syringes galore

Syringes galore-ore, syringes galore

Come on in and swallow more

Syringes galore



Injected and hated

We’ll die without an anesthetic

Our only hope is knowledge

And a mindset that’s empathetic

Not synthetic…not synthetic…


Syringes galore-ore, syringes galore

Nothing else matters anymore

Syringes galore

Syringes galore-ore, syringes galore

Won’t stop ‘til my body drops onto the fucking floor 


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