Style Icons

I would say my style is a mix of Goth, Stripper, Raver, and a little bit of Victorian thrown in. That may sound rather disjointed and it is. Most of my style icons are musicians. I think the visual side is just as important as the music if you are going to perform on stage. And most people probably don’t know who the majority of these people are. But, at least you can see what sources I am drawing from when I put my own stuff together. It’s definitely not boring!  Let me show you who I get my style from…


Amelia Arsenic

Taylor Momsen


Emilie Autumn

Adora Batbrat




Adam Lambert



4 thoughts on “Style Icons

  1. Voltaire is definitely one of my style icons too!

    My style of dressing is gothic, but most people don’t even realise that since they don’t have much knowledge of the subculture. I’m kind of a cross between Victorian Goth and Ethergoth.

  2. Voltaire is just so cool. His sense of humor is wonderful.

    I find that people think they know what goth is all about and they really don’t. The other day this girl said to me that she thought all goths were cutters and engaged in self-harm. So many misconceptions out there.

    Your style sounds really cool! I just had to look up Ethergoth because I had never heard of it and I like what I see.

    I’m a Bubblegoth. We pair things that shouldn’t go together at all and yet they somehow work. Fashion is limitless.

  3. I suppose you could also call me a bit of a Closet Goth. xD I’m a pretty small and shy bloke, so I always figured people would laugh if I told them I was a goth. And I wasn’t really sure myself, since I’m not that into the more metaly bits of the subculture. (Tho’ I still love those aspects.) It wasn’t until I made friends with another goth (one of the nicest people I’ve met) that I realised I could be considered one. Bubblegoth sounds pretty unique, I must say. 😉 Fashion is indeed limitless.

    That whole misconception about self-harm is one reason why I like to pretend that the Emo movement doesn’t exist. xD

    • haha Emo…yeah I’m trying to forget about that. About 4 or 5 years ago, when I was still in high school, I got into the Emo style. It’s so embarrassing. I should do a post about it. lol The fashion is an offshoot of goth. But, the whole self-harm thing is so stupid and attention seeking for the emos. And they discredit a legitimate disorder that afflicts real people all the time.

      Closet Goth! I love it. Goths can take themselves too seriously sometimes, but they are really nice. I think having fun with it is the best policy. 🙂

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