Foreign Female Singers

I love all kinds of music. And a lot of that music comes from outside the U.S. There are so many great artists from around the world. I’ll share some of my favorite foreign female singers with you.

Bat For Lashes – England

She combines haunting melodies and 1980’s film references flawlessly. And she’s a little creepy. Always a good thing.

Alexandra Stan – Romania

This girl is adorable. I am obsessed with Romanian dance music and its blend of old and new. Somehow saxophones and dance beats go together.

Kanon Wakeshima – Japan

Cute lolita from Japan. And she plays the cello. Classical music will never die!

The Veronicas – Australia

Twin sisters who can harmonize like bosses. I remember playing their albums to shreds.

Bjork – Iceland

Some say she’s crazy. Others think she’s weird. I think she’s a genius. Her vocal range is astounding. Her lyrics are gorgeous. And her visuals are otherworldly. She’s in a league of her own. Bow down.

Marina & The Diamonds – Wales

I do enjoy her critique of American culture. And that she thinks singing coaches/lessons are garbage (I agree). One day she just decided she wanted to become a singer and didn’t stop until it happened. I admire that.

Imogen Heap – England

One of (if not the best) female producers/songwriters in the business. I love that she does it all herself. We need more female artists like her.

Anna Ternheim – Sweden

She’s a great storyteller. And she has that quirky vibe I dig.

Medina – Denmark

Really good dance music. I could get lost on the dancefloor to her music any day.

Kerli – Estonia

Nobody knows where Estonia is. And it doesn’t matter. Her music is a perfect blend of light and dark. I feel love when I listen to her. She’s one of the few artists that can make me cry tears of joy. Her visuals are insane in a good way. And she’s also my favorite singer of all time.

I hope this proves that foreign music is bomb ass. Cuz it most definitely is.


8 thoughts on “Foreign Female Singers

  1. Love Bjork (for some reason I have a slight fascination with her nose) and I love Wakeshima. πŸ˜€ You’ve a good tasty in musics.

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      • lol Don’t you love when the keyboard has a mind of its own sometimes?

        I’m glad you’re a fan! The first time I saw “What’s A Girl To Do” it scared the crap out of me, but I couldn’t look away. I was not expecting the random animal bicyclists to come out of nowhere. Of course I love it though. πŸ˜‰ Bat for Lashes is like a big kid. She never lost her innocent, playful side and I love that about her.

  3. Great post! I looove foreign artists. I was really into Russian duo Tatu when I was in high school. (Super Fun dance music!) If you’re into pop, check out Belinda (Spanish born, Mexican based), and I found a German singer named LaFee through once who had a nice voice.. πŸ™‚

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