Small Talk

“How are you today?”… “That weather sure is something!”… “What are your plans for the weekend?”…

We’ve all heard these before. And I’m sure we’ve all said them, too. It’s called small talk. And I absolutely despise it.

Generally, if you see someone you know at work, school, the store, or on the street, you will say something to them. Otherwise you’re going to come off as rude. The other person may speak to you first. In this case, you would respond appropriately. You may have a five minute conversation or a quick hello. But really, neither one of you give a shit about the other person, how they are doing or what they are up to. We just use small talk to break the ice and come off as nice people.

I have never enjoyed small talk. I like to have deep conversations with people. And I only speak when I have important things to say. The world does not work that way, though. We’re forced to interact with people we don’t like, don’t connect with, and don’t trust all the time. So, we resort to small talk to mask our true thoughts about these people. It’s just so fake that I can’t handle it.

I always feel so awkward when I have nothing to say to someone and they are just standing there expecting me to ask about their wonderful life. We shouldn’t have to talk with people that we don’t connect with. It would just make interactions so much easier. This forced communication is so painful and uncomfortable. No, I don’t care about your baby and the new word he just learned. Babies actually annoy me and your husband is a weirdo. But, I can’t say any of that! I have to tell you how adorable your baby is and ask about your plans for the next holiday. It’s terrible.

While you are blabbing about the weather, I wish I was talking to my best friend about creative visualization and our past lives. I’m not good at faking anything and pretending to care is not going to happen.

Forcing small talk with close friends or family members is the worst. Sometimes there is nothing to say. I get a text message and I have no idea what to text back. That happens to me all the time! I have nothing important or valid to say. This is where small talk comes in to save the day! We should just be honest and up-front with one another, but it doesn’t happen. I don’t want my friends or family to think I don’t care about them. So I talk about anything just to keep the conversation alive. So sad.

Maybe I’m the only one who hates small talk. Other people seem to enjoy it and are actually good at it. It just drives me mad! The next time someone I don’t connect with asks me how I’m doing I’m not responding…


2 thoughts on “Small Talk

  1. Oh gosh, small talk. One of my many fears involving social interaction. 😛 I’m the kind of person who needs to think before he talks, while for other people, talking helps them think about what to say next. I hate it when somebody expects me to say something, even though they’re better at this social stuff than I am. xD
    As you can guess, I’m not very fun to be around.

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