Natalie Shau

Natalie Shau is a super talented artist and photographer from Lithuania. Her works are so innocent and beautiful, but they are pretty creepy, too. There is always an element that just isn’t quite right. Like why is the gorgeous lady in white holding a human head?

Hey Alice, I thought you were sweet and innocent? Please don’t stab me! Natalie’s attention to detail is amazing. Whenever I look at her art, I feel like I’ve just stepped into a fairy tale that little children should never read.

She seems to have an affinity for women, animals, fairy tales, and fantastical creatures. And Natalie likes to combine them all into one, like the pink cat girl pictured above. Meow.

Little Red Riding Hood is a badass. For some reason I love super sweet stuff that gets twisted into something darker. I just really enjoy the contrast and how splendidly light and dark go together. Natalie gives me my fix. That’s why she’s my favorite artist.


6 thoughts on “Natalie Shau

  1. Natalie Shau is a great artist! I would love to her artwork on a necklace, it would be so pretty! Her Alice artwork reminds me a lot of Alice: Madness Returns video games.

    • Thanks for commenting! Natalie’s talent astounds me. And Natalie Shau necklaces would be so epic. A little creepy piece of art to carry with you wherever you go. 😀

      Oh her Alice does resemble those games. She must have been inspired by them. The video games look so cool. I’ve been meaning to check them out for so long. I’ve heard great things!

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