Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen is the lead singer of the rock band The Pretty Reckless. She started out as an actress and model, but found that music was her real passion. Before her crossover to music, Taylor starred in the teen drama Gossip Girl, which  is basically a TV show about slutty rich young adults. I was obsessed when the show first came out, but it quickly lost its appeal. Too much sex and not enough substance. Apparently it is still on the air.

Anyways, Taylor gained fame from the show and by 2008, she had formed a band. The sweet, innocent girl from TV had turned into a ballsy rocker. I think many people were surprised by her transformation, myself included. Normally, teen actresses attempt singing careers when they clearly can’t sing and just want to make more money. But, Taylor has raw talent and writes all of her songs. And she didn’t go the pop music route like so many before her.










It’s hard to believe that someone’s appearance can change so drastically in a short amount of time. But, Taylor started to grow up and I think she wanted to embrace a more mature look. I really love her new style. I like to call it Grunge Gothic Stripper. It just works with her and she has the attitude and personality to pull it off. The media gave her crap for her style change and said she was a bad role model to her fans. Yes, Taylor may only be 18 and her look is sexually provocative, but she’s just being herself. As an adult she can do whatever she wants. It’s not like we all haven’t seen it before.










Taylor’s music is honest, gritty, and powerful. I can’t believe how talented she is as a songwriter at such a young age. I love everything about her. Even in interviews, Taylor has no filter and she stands up for what she believes in. I don’t think there is anything she can’t do.

My own style is definitely influenced by Taylor. Effortless, but still bold. I’m also working on my own vocal cover of one of her songs. 🙂 I just can’t resist.

Rock on, gurl.


2 thoughts on “Taylor Momsen

  1. Hmm, interesting. Not sure if she’d be my kinda thing, but she seems cool nonetheless. I like the term “Grunge Gothic Stripper”. 😀
    Oh, and that last pic of her on the right is awesome.

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