I just posted my Taylor Momsen cover to my SoundCloud. I don’t think I am the best singer, but it’s a passion of mine. Music is my number one love in life and it’s one of the mediums I use to express myself. I never really started singing until a short time ago. I always wanted to, but being super shy stopped me from trying it out. It’s scary to sing in front of other people and put yourself out there in such a way. I love the nervous energy, though. I have come to love singing in public and all of the attention I get from other people. It’s a blast. A couple years ago I never would have imagined I would be making music and sharing it with people. I’m really happy I pushed myself to do it.

As of now, I have only done vocal covers. I buy instrumental tracks from iTunes and then sing over them. But, I have dabbled in programming and soon I hope to record original songs that will be written and produced completely by me. It’s hard work, but I love a challenge. 😉

Any vocal cover requests are welcome! I will try any music genre. I love to rap, too!


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