The Wiener’s Circle

I don’t watch a lot of TV because I find it to be a waste of time. But, I seriously can’t help but watch The Wiener’s Circle. It’s so funny and outrageous. Along with being a very strange person, I also enjoy profanity and stuff that may offend people. I personally don’t believe in censorship because I think it takes away from the integrity of something/someone. So, you may come across stuff on my blog that you don’t agree with/offends you. This TV show could fall under this category. You have been warned. 😉

The Wiener’s Circle is a hot dog stand in Chicago that recently got it’s own reality show on truTV. That’s because the interactions between the staff and customers need to be seen. A lot of the people that come in for food are drunk/stupid. If you have ever been drunk, then you know that greasy food is the best at this time. So, the staff treat the customers badly in order to get their attention. These people are so drunk that they won’t remember any of this the next morning anyway.

The premise of the show is to ask the drunk customers to partake in outrageous challenges in exchange for free food/prizes. Everybody loves free food. So, customers make fools of themselves for the enjoyment of viewers. They will do pretty much anything.

I have decided that I NEED to visit this place at some point in the future. It looks like a blast. I want to get berated by Poochy the manager. lol It’s all in good fun! The food is apparently amazing as well. I would work there in a heartbeat, too. The staff are hilarious.

This show has been renewed for a second season! I can’t wait. They didn’t think it would be as popular as it is. People love stupid stuff, though. I know I do.


3 thoughts on “The Wiener’s Circle

  1. haha, Oh wow. I remember when I was watching this and I totally agree. Censoring is quite a waste and it really only interferes with that of which you’ve already heard. But This hot dog stand in Chicago is simply hilarious and made my eyes open wide and then cry ful of tears of laughter. I waswn’t expecting someone such as her to even have the balls to actually say “fuck you” to her own customers and guess what, they always keep coming back. haha Right on lady.

    • LOL Yeah, you would never expect an employee to give it right back to the customer, but it totally works. People go there just to get yelled at and embarrassed. It’s a full-on experience. Drunk people are the funnest to mess with, too. They just open themselves up to pranks and the like. haha

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