Eloise Graveyard

It’s time to get creepy, y’all. Not too long ago I blogged about Eloise Asylum and its creepy history fraught with medical experimentation and locked psychiatric wards. The nightmare doesn’t end there, though. Few people know that Eloise Asylum had its very own graveyard. Many patients died in the asylum, so this was a necessity. It is said that more than 7,000 former patients were buried in the graveyard between 1910 and 1948. Poor patients with no family to claim their bodies were dumped here. Today, the unkept field doesn’t even resemble a graveyard, but with a little research I managed to find it.

Being the weirdo that I am, I visited Eloise Graveyard just the other day. What I discovered deeply disturbed me. Now, the graveyard is not new to me. I had been there several times before and I don’t find the graveyard itself to be very scary. It’s located across from a low-income housing complex and the other buildings in the area are pretty dilapidated. The area is often frequented by the police because of a crime problem. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be caught there at night. I’ve always visited the graveyard with friends in the past, but this time I decided to go alone. I felt comfortable with it and I was familiar with my surroundings, so I wasn’t worried.

I entered the graveyard through a gate and followed a path into the field. On my right was a farmer working the land, so I felt at ease that I wasn’t alone. Sadly, the graveyard hasn’t been cared for in years and many of the gravemarkers have been covered up by overgrowth. There are no tombstones with the names of the dead; just numbered blocks. The graveyard is enclosed by pine trees and a small forest. It’s very peaceful and beautiful. The random shopping carts strewn at the entrance detracted slightly from its beauty, though.

I love to investigate and discover new treasures at every visit. Finding gravemarkers is a challenge, but it’s exciting when you see them. I spent my time taking pictures of the graves and the pretty nature. I even played around in the forest a bit. I definitely want to do a photoshoot here with the forest as a backdrop. Of course I’ll wear crazy outfits and make a fool of myself as usual. 😀



















Anyways, I came upon some graves that I had never seen before in a far corner of the graveyard. They appeared to have been recently cleared of overgrowth. I saw something white sticking out of the ground near one of the gravemarkers. It was a long white candle! This warmed my heart. The graveyard had been visited by someone who took the time to clear some brush and leave a token of acknowledgment. And here I thought I was the only one who knew and cared about this place! I found candles placed on several gravemarkers, which was really cool. Nearby, I saw a large hole had been dug between two of the gravemarkers. I thought this was odd, but continued taking pictures and exploring. I can be so slow on the uptake sometimes. 😉 I found some pretty flowers and an interesting clump of fallen branches. But, that weird hole remained on my mind, so I made my way back to it.



































I read the numbers on the graves at either side of the hole: 665 and 667. Oh FUCK. I had finally realized it. Gravemarker 666 had been dug up and stolen. I couldn’t believe it. Who would do such a horrendous thing? That is beyond disrespectful and so very wrong. Then I thought about the significance of the number 666. From what I know, that’s the number of the devil. I’m not religious at all, but that’s fucking scary. I just stood there in horror. The person who cleared off the graves had only done so to find one to steal. So disgusting. It ruined my whole visit. I can’t say that I stayed much longer after this discovery. I was really freaked out and upset. My hope is that someone left the white candles on the surrounding graves to cleanse the area and make peace with the disturbed spirits. Perhaps they made the same discovery as me and tried to make it right. If the candles were left there for a sinister reason, then that makes me sick. Vandalizing a grave is pure evil in my book.

There is another old graveyard (William Ganong Cemetery) just down the road that is said to have vandalism problems. Pentagrams have been found painted on some of the tombstones. Supposedly a kettle was found there with bones and feathers inside of it. I would never set foot in that graveyard, but maybe the same people who vandalized this graveyard stole the 666 gravemarker. The graveyards are so close to one another that I don’t think they are coincidences. Regardless, I doubt I will be back to Eloise Graveyard anytime soon. I don’t feel safe there anymore with crazy people stealing gravemarkers. It makes me really sad, because I truly love this place. I like to visit the spirits and show them that someone cares and remembers them. Their stories need to be told and I won’t let them be forgotten. The asylum will always be a part of my life.

9 thoughts on “Eloise Graveyard

  1. I know what you mean about how peacful and tranquil old cemeteries can be, especially those filled with such an immense history about them. I love visiting them myself too. It’s fun to look at the tombstones and read up on whatever they have to offer of some small detail about the year, person, etc. But when reading about how someone STOLE a gravemaker; only a foolish, ignorant, heartless wretch would bother to do something so loathsome.
    The population, no poor choice of wording, the generation of today have no regards for the past and that of something that should be respected. Especially when it is about a persons final resting place.

    • Pleasant graveyard picnics with friends are so much fun. It beats a dance club any day! 😀

      I still can’t believe what I saw. I’m not a violent person, but I would punch whoever stole it in the face if I came across them. You’re totally right about the lack of respect for the past. This generation is all about the here and now, instant gratification. They think they can do whatever they please with no consequences. I have heard that the new type of graveyard vandalism is people stealing the bronze from vases/urns placed throughout cemeteries and then selling it for money. I understand that people may be short on cash, but what the hell?! Where has the respect gone? If death is no longer respected, then what is actually worthy of respect? Very sad.

      • You know it! haha *grabs picnic basket and puts on demonia boots and takes Asylum for a graveyard picnic* haha

        Wow, I am shocked though. To know that it’s actually gotten to the point of actually selling even the exterior items from the tombstone/gravemaker?! That’s low. And I agree. I did take karate and was taught to control the behavior and mucles, but if I were to come face to face with that hideous fool that did that, they would leave with broken ribs and a terribly bruised up nose. Mwuahahahaha. o,.,o
        Em…I said nothing. I’m innocent!

  2. I’ve always wanted to reply on your posts but I never knew I could without having a wordpress account! But I just had to comment on this one. These photos are absolutely beautiful and it makes the cemetery look so peaceful and nice. I know the few times I’ve gone with you, I was absolutely terrified, whether it was daylight out or not. Just being surrounded by it all freaked me out. But looking at the things you shot, it just looks like a completely different scenery. I never really took the time to appreciate the beauty of the place, and you captured it so well!! I love it!

    • I never knew it was possible either! I’m happy you are able to reply. 😀

      I was surprised at how pretty the pictures turned out. I really wanted to do the cemetery justice and give respect. I is glad you enjoyed.

      It’s weird to think that you are walking on bodies and you wouldn’t even know it because they aren’t marked. I didn’t get scared until I saw the stolen 666 gravemarker. That was when I tried to call you because I was freaking out and needed to talk to a living person. lol I guess we aren’t the only people who know what’s really in that field…

      And I learned the other day that the graveyard is supposedly private property now and is off limits to the public. Well, they should lock the gate then. It’s always open. They can’t keep me away!

      • Now that I’ve commented something, I feel obliged to comment everything you post, because I love it so much, haha.

        I do feel like you need to have a super hot photo shoot in it one day though. And if people catch/harass you for being on private property, all you need to tell them is that you’re paying respects to an old relative….while wearing pasties. It’s part of your culture.

      • I love comments! 😀 You get to see a whole different side of me on here. The sexier side, clearly. 😉

        The photo shoot is happening. It’s time to bring some fun and life to that place. Walking around in platform boots could prove dangerous on the uneven ground, but I’ll work it out. Yes, I come from a long line of strippers. haha I would be ridiculously excited if I found out that a member of my family was buried there or was a patient at Eloise. That sounded really creepy…

  3. I have heard of this cemetery and it may sound weird to some but I’ve always wanted to visit it. I was born at Wayne County general and have always been curious about the whole Eloise history. I heard you can get in trouble for trespassing so have never been there. I have a friend who has a distant family member there but unfortunately her records have been lost so we don’t know her number. He said screw the police I’m visiting family so when I want to go he’ll go with me. I was talking to some friends and one brought up that it would be really cool if people made a committee and took care of the cemetery. I’m sure whoever took the 666 marker will get a bad visit from karma one day!!! Kids now a days have no respect and it sickens me. I do a thing called geocaching and they have some in cemeteries. Some people think it’s wrong but myself don’t see a problem with it. I took my nieces and nephews one time to grab a few located in Michigan memorial and I used that opportunity to teach them proper etiquette for visiting a cemetery. Now I take them to visit family graves and they notice things such as flags or flowers knocked over and want to put them back how they’re supposed to be. I will visit this cemetery hopefully soon.

    • Wow, you definitely have a connection to Eloise. If you visit the cemetery, be very careful. It’s not in a good neighborhood and all overgrown. It’s hard to find the grave markers and sometimes the gate is locked. I don’t think people are allowed to be on the property, but I’m a rebel. lol There used to be a committee that cared for the cemetery grounds, called Friends of Eloise. They must have stopped with the upkeep. I imagine it was a lot of work. Geocaching sounds cool. How wonderful of you to teach the little ones that! Let me know if you end up visiting the cemetery. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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