I hate feeling complacent and stuck in a rut. Lately I have been craving change. I’m bored with my daily routine. I see the same people and do the same things day after day. There are no surprises. I have decided that the boredom needs to change. I figured I would think about some changes I want to make and write them down. That way they won’t be forgotten.

Change #1: Acquire better eating habits/start an exercise routine

I’m not thrilled about my weight right now. I’ve just been eating whatever I want with no moderation. I also don’t eat enough food a lot of the time (usually one meal a day). My body has taken notice and I’ve gained some weight. I just don’t feel healthy. I have completely stopped exercising, too. I have noticed a loss of energy from my inactivity. I felt great when I was working out and now I just feel crappy.

I want to start monitoring what I’m eating. I definitely need to cut out the processed foods. I want to try and eat three meals a day as well. It will be hard for me because of my vampire sleep schedule, but I think it’s important. I’ve got to become more active, too. It’s time to bust out the workout DVDs! I’m going to devote a half hour a day to exercise. No more laziness.

Change #2: Make more music

I love to sing and program beats. I just get lost in the process and dive into another world. I haven’t been making much music lately, though. I got busy with work, school, and this blog, so my music just sort of fell to the side. I was really into making music for awhile, but then I gave up. It wasn’t sounding perfect and I was getting frustrated. Perfectionism is one of my best AND worst qualities.

I really want to start singing again. It is so freeing to express oneself through such a creative medium as music. While I love blogging and don’t see it stopping anytime soon, I have to remember that my first love is music. I really want to get my stuff out there and become a better musician. I’m still going to do song covers, but my own creations are going to be the focus now. And they don’t have to be perfect (but damn close!). 😉

Change #3: Meet new people

I’m very socially awkward and I have a hard time connecting with people. I tend to stay home a lot and work on various projects rather than socialize with friends. I’m just so cool like that. haha It’s like a comfort zone in which I don’t have to deal with the world.

I want to go out more and visit places I have never been before. I plan on challenging myself to enter into social situations that I would normally avoid. I’m sure there are awesome people to meet out in the world. I’m open to new relationships and energies. I may feel uncomfortable putting myself out there, but change isn’t supposed to be easy.

Hopefully I am motivated to take action now. I’m happy with my life, but change is a necessary component of happiness. I never want to remain stagnant. I’d rather do exciting new things everyday. Life should be unpredictable. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Change

  1. Ah yes! The evil grey monster of boredom. I suppose it’s back on the kob and it just so happens to have picked you. But do not fret, I’m quite happy that you are up for the challenge that change offers you. It’s quite healty and entertaining when given the thought. Sometimes staying within such a rut can damage one, both physically and mentally. So it is best that one should vary things up a bit from time to time. Otherwise, you go into a state of depression and gain cabin fever. I should know from experience and seeing my parents go through it. They just stay indenial about it, yet surprisingly admit it at times. Any way, other than my usual rambling, I’m sure you’ll get out of such a rut Asylum and you’ll slowly but surely get accustomed to it once again.

    • Boredom can be very damaging. I have had problems with depression in the past when my creativity stopped and everything was mundane. I’ve realized that my own key to happiness is creativity and if I keep myself occupied on fun projects the depression stays far away. 😀 It’s just as effective as seeing a therapist.

      I think it’s hard for parents to admit that they are having a tough time with life. They are supposed to be the strong ones and the kids assume their parents are unbreakable. It’s good that your parents talk about it because being open and honest really does help.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Izzy!

      • Oh, absolutely! Anything that has a bit of creativity within the craft is exciting and alot of mind. It’s a “drug” you could say, that the brain needs and enjoys without harm. Also it’s good for the psychy.

        It’s very dificult when being a parent and admitting that you are having a tough time with every day-to-day hussel and bussel of life. Kids look up to them as the strong/unbreakable super heroes they seem to them, but also get surprised when they hear their parents mention something of that. But it is a healthy thing to do with talking about what goes on and around with their daily life and stressful times. They act indenial about it for a bit, but afte they mentions some of those daily stressors and get to “let loose” my parents always say that I allow them to feel better, or offer some sort of relief.

        As for the encouragement, always here to give it and much more to you Asylum. ❤
        You're welcome, Asylum!

        Tons of Love Bites,

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