An epic man. My next post may just be inspired by him…;)

The Hawkline Monster

I believe that Klaus Nomi fans are referred to as “Nomies”. If that is the case, then consider me a proud new member among their ranks. For Klaus Nomi has, in only a relatively brief amount of time, become not only one of my favourite artists (I ended up ordering a “best of” CD before I’d even listened to that many of his songs) but also one of my biggest inspirations. Klaus Nomi has achieved legendary status among those who are connoisseurs of the strange and unusual. His music combined New Wave rock and opera in what I suppose you could call Popera.  I suppose the musicians I’ve listened to who have come closest to his style would probably have to be Lene Lovich (who I only discovered recently, thanks to AsylumAttendant) and Martyn Jacques (lead singer for The Tiger Lillies). But to be honest, there was no one like Nomi. And we need more musicians like…

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