The moment I heard of you

I felt your energy embrace me.

I longed to meet you,

Not knowing why.


Reality disappeared

Once I caught sight of you.

Your kind smile drew me closer

Like the softest net.


Lost in your aura,

My composure flittered away.

Your hand in mine,

The feeling shook me up inside.


I wanted to hold on

But, the timing wasn’t right.

Something in your grip

Revealed the sweetness within.


Aesthetic perfection,

My eyes were stuck on you.

I tried to avert my stare,

While yours kept me beautifully distracted.


Did you feel it, too?

How could you not have?

A connection so vivid

Could not be one-sided.


Your outer shell couldn’t hide

The uniqueness you possess.

I’m comforted,

Reminded of my once shameful traits.


You brighten my dull surroundings,

Filling me with energy.

I gravitate towards your soul,

As light as it can be.

I swore I would never fall for anyone…


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