Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl on Youtube) is the sassiest beauty vlogger around. She hails from the swamps of Texas and loves all things creepy, from graveyards and ghosts to strange old photographs. Bunny’s Christmas tree is even Halloween themed, which is something I would do. She loves beauty and fashion as well, but Bunny isn’t your typical beauty guru. She’ll be the first to admit that she doesn’t think she’s talented with makeup. Bunny surely breaks the mold with her goofy antics and alligator obsession.

Along with her lovable personality, I admire Bunny’s fashion sense. I would love to raid her closet and steal borrow all of the cool clothes she owns. Bunny shares my skull and spike obsession. Some would say she’s a hipster, but Bunny’s style could be anything from Grunge to Nu Goth depending on the day. She finds the best stuff from thrift stores. And she alters a lot of the things she buys to make them even more epic. DIY makes anything better.


Bunny OOTDFor Halloween last year, she dressed as a Victorian insane asylum escapee…um soulmates? Yayus! That’s how we do it on the swamp!

I can really relate to the story behind Bunny’s Youtube channel. She suffers from anxiety and depression, which is nothing new for me. Before making videos, Bunny used to jump in her car and drive around for extended periods of time in the middle of the night when her anxiety would surface. That’s clearly not a healthy coping mechanism. So, a friend suggested Bunny should start making videos to quell her anxiety. It worked and Bunny’s been at it ever since. I, too, find that creativity drives away my depression and anxiety. That’s really why I started this blog. Okay, I also started blogging as an excuse to post sexay photos of myself, but that’s not the point…;-)

Bunny encourages individuality and acceptance among her fans, known as the Swamp Family. She embraces her flaws and quirks without hesitation. Bunny is an awesome role model with a stunning collection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. She’s certainly inspired me to stay strange and keep it extra sassy. And to never ever be ashamed of drinking tea like a Muppet. I use her lingo all the time in real life and no one ever gets the references. It’s all good because I just come off super original. Yay for Bunny!

Muppet Bunny

The Quiet


The Quiet

I contemplated whether or not I would post about this film. The subject matter is disturbing and not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s highly sexual, violent, and shocking. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

The Quiet revolves around the worlds of two very different, yet similar teenage girls. However, their similarities aren’t revealed until the film progresses. Dot is a deaf orphan who gets adopted by an extremely dysfunctional family. Dot is rejected by her peers in school because of her disability and lives life invisibly for the most part. Nina, her new stepsister, is everything that Dot isn’t. The pretty cheerleader Nina is not pleased with the addition to her family. But, the tension between Nina and Dot is the least of this family’s worries.

Nina’s mother Olivia is addicted to prescription painkillers and the two are quite distant. Olivia is often passed out in her bedroom or barely coherent. On the other hand, Nina and her father Paul are way too close for comfort. Their sexual relationship is appalling. It’s like in the absence of her mother Olivia, Nina has stepped into the role of homemaker and wife to her own father. Paul tries to control everything his daughter Nina does and keep their incestuous relationship a secret. But, Nina eventually reaches a breaking point. And she’s not the only one with a secret…

Yeah, we’re going there. The Quiet is one of those movies that you can’t forget about. I first watched it years ago and recently watched it again. I’m still just as shocked and disturbed. Secrets keep people sick and perpetuate pain. At least there is a resolution once bringing secrets to light. The Quiet shows that we all have secrets and we can’t hold on to them forever, no matter how badly we might want to.

I would recommend this movie to a mature audience. The shock value alone makes it entertaining. I couldn’t believe some of the things that came out of the character’s mouths. The Quiet is humorous at times, too. Nina’s sex-crazed friend Michelle is hilariously inappropriate and adds some comic relief to the heavy nature of the film. Don’t watch if you want to protect your innocence! Luckily I shed mine long ago…

The Lucky Ones


I’m alive and well. I know that so often I forget how lucky I am to have my health. Stress, anxiety, and drama can take over sometimes. I get so wrapped up in the future or some silly problem that I’m not living in the moment, appreciating how wonderful life is. The moment is really all that matters.

I feel a strong urge lately to live like tomorrow is not a guarantee. If I’m not having fun or growing through experiences, then I feel like my precious time is wasted. At times I think I’m being selfish. I’ve been putting more effort into my appearance, taking better care of myself, and pushing myself to do things I’m not fully comfortable with. I feel happier. I’m enjoying spontaneity. I bring the party wherever I go. 😉

Singer Kerli’s new single “The Lucky Ones” is all about being thankful to be alive and not taking time for granted. We can’t predict what tomorrow will bring, but we can choose to be happy today. Such a beautiful message from the brightest soul I know.

I am one of the lucky ones because I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. ❤


I’m a redhead now. 😮

Why are you one of the lucky ones? 😀

Christmas List


It’s already that time of the year again. I really do enjoy the holiday season. One of my favorite things to do is find the perfect gifts for the people I care about. I always spend way too much money, but I can’t see that ever changing. Money has never been of high importance to me anyways. Generally, I’m so focused on buying Christmas gifts for other people that I never know what I would like to receive. I’m also ridiculously indecisive and I feel greedy asking for gifts. Well, this year I have created a Christmas List of things I would really love to get. It’s a bipolar list for sure, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone. 😉

1.) The Damned Lita Man Glitter Shoes

Lita Man ShoesI would legit die for these shoes. Pink, sparkly, AND made for men…can it get any better? I love Jeffery Campbell shoes in general, but these stand out. Why must they be so expensive and out of stock?! 😦 Call me a drag queen if you must. I would work the shit out of these.

2.) Snappy Spiked Sock Garters

Spiked Sock GartersI always feel best when wearing spikes. They look rad and can be used as a weapon if necessary, particularly when jealous, threatened men feel the need to attack me. These sock garters from Sock Dreams are a perfect fit.

3.) Good Faeries, Bad Faeries Book

Good FaeriesI believe in a lot of weird stuff. I’m a strange person, what can I say. 🙂 So you best bet I believe in faeries. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and I’ve heard great things about if from some special people. Naturally, I am most curious about the bad faeries…

4.) Living Dead Dolls – Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee

Poe and Annabel Lee DollsLiving Dead Dolls are super creepy cool. I want this set so bad! Poe is my favorite writer of all time. And I’ve always been fascinated by dolls. The combo is epic.

5.) Unicorn Hat and Mittens

Unicorn Hat

Unicorn Mittens

Adorbs. I will forever wish I was a unicorn.

6.) Ouija Board

Ouija Board

I will admit I have a fear of ouija boards. However, I still want to own one. I don’t believe they are inherently evil. I think it all comes down to the intentions of the user. It does concern me that this pink board is marketed to little girls…it shouldn’t be viewed as a game.

7.) Luminess Airbrush Makeup System

LuminessSadly, I have crappy skin. Oil, acne, scarring, and dark marks, hooray! A lot of the time I don’t feel comfortable going out without foundation on to hide/minimize my imperfections. Luminess seems very effective and is a product I would be willing to try out. I love makeup, I just don’t know how to apply it properly. I feel like there should have been a class for that in high school. I know I’m not the only boy who would have enjoyed it.

8.) Tripp Demin Stud Moto Jacket

Tripp Denim JacketGah, this is badass. Studs and spikes bring me joy. Without fail, I can always find something I adore at Hot Topic. I will never stop shopping there. I believe it’s a healthy addiction. I mean, I could be using hard drugs instead.

9.) Voice Lessons

MicI think I’m a decent singer. There is definitely room for improvement, though. I want to learn some techniques from a professional to raise my game. I take singing pretty seriously (well most of the time).

10.) Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Um…how did that pop up here?! I wouldn’t complain if he wound up under my tree this year. 😉

Now it’s back to figuring out what to buy everyone else for Christmas. It will soon be here and I have a lot of shopping to do. Hopefully I don’t end up buying a bunch of stuff for myself along the way. My poor wallet can’t handle that trauma.