The Quiet

The Quiet

I contemplated whether or not I would post about this film. The subject matter is disturbing and not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s highly sexual, violent, and shocking. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

The Quiet revolves around the worlds of two very different, yet similar teenage girls. However, their similarities aren’t revealed until the film progresses. Dot is a deaf orphan who gets adopted by an extremely dysfunctional family. Dot is rejected by her peers in school because of her disability and lives life invisibly for the most part. Nina, her new stepsister, is everything that Dot isn’t. The pretty cheerleader Nina is not pleased with the addition to her family. But, the tension between Nina and Dot is the least of this family’s worries.

Nina’s mother Olivia is addicted to prescription painkillers and the two are quite distant. Olivia is often passed out in her bedroom or barely coherent. On the other hand, Nina and her father Paul are way too close for comfort. Their sexual relationship is appalling. It’s like in the absence of her mother Olivia, Nina has stepped into the role of homemaker and wife to her own father. Paul tries to control everything his daughter Nina does and keep their incestuous relationship a secret. But, Nina eventually reaches a breaking point. And she’s not the only one with a secret…

Yeah, we’re going there. The Quiet is one of those movies that you can’t forget about. I first watched it years ago and recently watched it again. I’m still just as shocked and disturbed. Secrets keep people sick and perpetuate pain. At least there is a resolution once bringing secrets to light. The Quiet shows that we all have secrets and we can’t hold on to them forever, no matter how badly we might want to.

I would recommend this movie to a mature audience. The shock value alone makes it entertaining. I couldn’t believe some of the things that came out of the character’s mouths. The Quiet is humorous at times, too. Nina’s sex-crazed friend Michelle is hilariously inappropriate and adds some comic relief to the heavy nature of the film. Don’t watch if you want to protect your innocence! Luckily I shed mine long ago…


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