Gargie Award

Who doesn’t love receiving awards? I definitely do! One of my favorite bloggers, manbehindthecurtain, has nominated me for the super awesome GARGIE award. Now, I have adored gargoyles since I was a kid. The Disney cartoon Gargoyles was a favorite of mine and I recall staying up super late to watch it (my nocturnal habits continue to this day). The gargoyle pictured above is so cute and not grotesque at all, though I love the scary, gothic ones, too.

On to the rules…

1.  Display the award badge as prominently on your site as you are inclined… if you like.

2.  Publish a post to inform the world of your great achievement.

3.  Nominate some fellow bloggers (who have been outstanding in their field… figuratively or literally)… if you feel inclined. 

4.  Indicate to your nominees that they have received the award… provided you have completed step three.

I don’t actively keep up with very many blogs (I know I’m lame), so I’ll skip the nominations. However, anyone who follows me and loves gargoyles, feel very free to accept the GARGIE award on my behalf! 😀



I am so confused by people’s behavior lately. I’m not normal by any means, but I can only handle so much cuckoo bananas shit from others. I’m beginning to rant a lot on this blog. Better out than in, I suppose.

Person #1 (Or Thing 1 and 2, apparently): No, it’s not okay for you to smoke weed. You’re old as fuck and should know better. Stop chastising me for finally enjoying my life. You sent me to therapy for social anxiety and now that I’m actually excited to be social, you want me to clam up again. Alcohol is legal and I’m not an idiot. Go ahead and keep denying that I’m gay. You’re only deluding yourselves. Ask me if I need a  tampon again…I dare you.

Person #2: Your boyfriend looks like a troll. Okay, that wasn’t nice, but you’re not fucking nice. You can’t make up your mind and it’s exhausting. The diva behavior is not cute. Don’t bring bible study to the club. I’m not the one to play with. Trust. You’re like a little kid. I’m an old soul, but you’re a lame label whore. I saw you checking out the brand name on the bottom of my shoe. No one had done that since I was in middle school. Grow the fuck up. I’m happy other people are starting to see you for who you really are. I don’t think you’ll last too much longer. You’re kinda dense. And a fuck was not given, bro.

Person #3: Your social life must have truly exploded. I can’t keep up. I fold.

Person #4: You know I’m too good for this. Don’t pretend to do me a favor or have my back. I’m doing you a favor. You’d be lost without me. Rude and lazy win this race. Very logical.

I feel better now. 🙂 I just wish people valued integrity. If you say you’re gonna do something, then do it. None of this wishy-washy bullshit. You won’t maintain meaningful relationships by being a flake or making false promises. I’m not so naive anymore. But, I am still SASSY! 😀

Top 12 Songs of 2012


Happy New Year! I thought I would celebrate with a countdown of my favorite songs from 2012. It was so hard for me to narrow it down to just 12, but here goes:

12.) Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”

This was probably my first song obsession of 2012. “Comeback Kid” really gets me pumped! Lead singer Alexis Krauss’ angelic vocals work strangely well against the hardcore beats.

11.) Alexandra Stan – “Lemonade”

My summer jam! Summer is definitely my favorite season and “Lemonade” captures that carefree, warm vibe I crave at this time of year. Alexandra’s accent is so damn cute, too. 😉

10.) The Veronicas – “Lolita”

This is a step in a darker, more mature direction for The Veronicas and I approve.

9.) Purity Ring – “Fineshrine”

I sort of stumbled upon liking this song. I can’t even really describe what I hear. The lyrics and sound are quite strange, yet I deeply feel the emotion behind them. “Fineshrine” is a great song to space out to. Thanks Grav3yardgirl for recommending Purity Ring to your viewers!

8.) Ke$ha – “Die Young”

“Die Young” gets blasted every single time it comes on the radio in my car. No questions asked. It’s Ke$ha…I love everything she does.

7.) Pink – “Try”

Pink, why are you so damn awesome? Stop making me cry! “Try” is such an honest, relatable song.

6.) Emilie Autumn – “Take The Pill”

I’m both disturbed and in love with “Take The Pill”. The message behind it is one of utmost importance to me. I strongly oppose the pill popper mentality of this society. Drugs do not instantly cure mental illness. Emilie knows this better than anyone. The urgency and chaos that erupt near the end of the song are truly frightening. Can’t wait to hear this live in February!

5.) Marina and the Diamonds – “Starring Role”

I wish so badly that this song was not a direct reflection of my life. Alas, it is. Guys suck! 😀 Marina is an absolute doll.

4.) David Guetta feat. Sia – “Titanium”

Once in a while, popular music can have substance. “Titanium” has class and club appeal. The lyrics inspire me to never give up. Sia’s voice is perfection. I’ll never forget dancing with a gorgeous stripper to this song at a club one night. We both knew every lyric and connected through the music. Does life get any better? 😀

3.) Adam Lambert – “Cuckoo”

Getting crazy is the best way to be. Adam gets it. I love the concept of “Cuckoo”. Because I’m totally nuts. I don’t think I’ll let you out of that straitjacket, Adam…;)

2.) In This Moment – “Blood”

The duality within the lyrics of “Blood” impresses me. The concepts of love and hate are inverted. I think we all love what’s bad for us sometimes. And there are times when we reject kindness in exchange for pain. “Blood” is totally twisted and awesome. Maria’s fierce voice will slay you.

1.) Kerli – “Zero Gravity”

I hear love when I listen to “Zero Gravity”. I listened to it more than any other song this past year. It makes me feel really happy and inspires me to never hold back or dwell on pain. This should have been a radio hit. The world needs to hear more music like Kerli’s.

And there they are! I can’t wait to hear what 2013 will sound like. 😉