Behind the labels and technology,

Frightened eyes peer back at me.

I’ve now come to realize

I’m older than you’ll ever be.


A human emerged from the shrine

Too late, yet much too soon.

From infatuation to contempt,

Your presence no longer makes me swoon.


Feigned compassion

Integrity is not your virtue.

I bled to death

While a scratch never appeared on you.


Desperate to garner affection,

Primping gave way to a loss of identity.

Striving for your ideal

Destroyed my originality.


Glimmers of sweetness still appear,

Taunting me from their lofty height.

Distance would heal my wounds;

The daily axe I cannot fight.


Hiding within a nonstop masquerade,

You’re spinning out of control.

I tried to ride the twisted carousel,

But, the revolutions took their brutal toll.


Back in my personal asylum,

I slowly discover myself again.

Your spell over me has lifted

And another chapter now begins.


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