One Year Anniversary

Wow, my little blog is already a year old. Technically, the anniversary was back on February 25, but we all know I don’t get to anything in a timely manner. 😛 I’m both surprised and proud of myself for keeping at it thus far. I may not have been consistent with my posts, but I refused to give up. This blog is like my sanctuary from the real world. And writing is how I cope with hardships.

The intent of this blog was to express myself in ways I felt I couldn’t in my daily life. I started it to reveal the real me. From crazy photo shoots to personal stories, nothing was off limits. I quickly discovered that as I opened up through blogging I also became much more comfortable with myself. I was beginning to transform into the person I had always wanted to show to the world. No more hiding. No more trepidation. I can’t quell my sass!

The Asylum Attendant persona is who I aspired to be. Fierce, successful, and honest. I didn’t like the life of Jonathan. He was too scared, too selfless, and much too boring. I wanted to escape his reality and enter a world free from restriction. This blog was my portal to a new identity. I like who I’ve become. 🙂

I really enjoy sharing my love of music, androgyny, Gothic culture, poetry, psychology, and cute boys 😉 with such a rad audience. I know my next year of blogging will be even more exciting and unpredictable.

Much love from my asylum to yours,




Super Sassy


12 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Wihoo!!! Congratulations Asylum! So happy you never gave up on your wonderful blog, for I would never have made such a wonderful friend. I’m sure that the many years to come will bring wonderful experiences and wonderful blog posts that include more of the wonderful transformation of the beautiful Asylum!
    Tons of Love Bites,

    • Yay! Happy Anniversary! Actually mine was at the beginning of Feb, but I wasn’t able to get my act together to post then, :P. I look forward to another year following you! (Hmm sounds like a stalker! lol)

    • I’m so grateful for all your support, Izzy. 😀 Awesome readers and friends like you inspire me to write. I’m hoping to eventually transform into a unicorn, so I’ll need to figure out how to type with hooves. 😉 Thank you for your wonderfully sweet comments!

  2. Oh my Goth, how time has flown! 😉 I can remember first reading your blog and loved it from the very start.
    Happy anniversary, my friend! (Looking good, I might add.)

    • Danke! 😀 Your support has really pushed me to keep writing. You’re my top commenter and it means a lot to know awesome people like you care about my crazy world. ❤

      Any excuse to pose for the camera lol I seem to be looking more masculine these days…hmmm 😉

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