Possession: Part 1

Based on true events…

One chilly Autumn night, two friends set out in search of a tiny old graveyard. Neither realized that it wouldn’t be the ghosts  giving them a fright…

At last, they came upon the creepy destination. Dusk was falling as they neared the iron gates. A thicket of trees surrounded the enclosure, obscuring what lie beyond. The smell of burning wood filled the September air.

“They’re locked,” said Jocelyn as she pulled on the metal chain connecting the gates. She was a pretty blonde girl with an exuberant spirit. Always positive, Jocelyn was rarely seen without a smile on her face. “Think you can jump the fence?”

“Hang on,” said Zander. He was the clear-headed one, opting for critical thinking over impulse. “There’s no lock on this chain.”

Zander unwrapped the chain from one of the gates and they creaked open. The gravekeeper mustn’t have minded visitors.

“This place is so pretty,” said Jocelyn. “It must be quite old…”

“About 150 years old, actually,” explained Zander. “The founders of this town are buried here.”

“Wow,” whispered Jocelyn. “Look at this gravestone.”

Jocelyn bent down to inspect a weathered marker nearby. Tree roots had pushed the headstone back and the inscription was barely legible.

“Annabelle Williams,” she read. “I wonder who she was. What do you think she was like, Zander?”

“She could have been the daughter of one of the founders?” he guessed.

Zander ran his pale, spindly fingers over her worn name.

“This would make a great backdrop for a photo,” said Jocelyn as she laid down next to the headstone. “Please take my picture? The Goth in me can’t resist.”

“Alright,” he laughed.

Jocelyn got her picture and the pair explored the rest of the graveyard, treading slowly to avoid tree roots and fallen markers. Some of the headstones were broken or completely unearthed, but the land appeared to be cared for.

“There is a lot of history here,” said Zander.

“I can feel it,” said Jocelyn. “It’s a peaceful energy. Nothing has been left unresolved here. Such a lovely place.”

“I know of another place you might want to visit,” suggested Zander.

“The bar?” joked Jocelyn. “I sure could use a beer if you’re buying.”

“Not what I had in mind this time,” laughed Zander. “Have you ever heard of the old Sebastian Sanitarium?”

“Nope. Cool name, though. What’s the story?”

“How about I tell it to you on the drive there? It’s getting a bit cold out here.”

“Okay,” said Jocelyn eagerly. She couldn’t hide her curiosity. But, Jocelyn figured she would hide her gift for now. She didn’t want to freak out Zander and push him away like she had done to many in the past.

The adventuresome pair left the graveyard and headed for the decrepit hospital. Zander had been there plenty of times before and never had a bad experience. This night would prove different.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Possession: Part 1

  1. Groovy story- I love it. 😀
    Also, you like M83? Been meaning to listen to them, I think Zola Jesus sometimes does stuff with them.

    • Yay! Thanks. It’s only going to get creepier as it progresses. 😉

      I like a few of their songs, but I need to listen to more. I almost bought one of their albums when I saw it in a store a while ago.

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