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It appears I have been tagged by my good friend, the creative blogger Izzy. It’s question and answer time y’all!

Q.  Have you ever been made redundant from your job and how did you feel about it?

A. I have. Gotta love shit temporary government jobs. I saw it coming, so I was apathetic. I made better money than I do now though…

Q.  If you were interviewing someone for a writing job, what 3 qualities would you look for and why?

A. Creativity, Punctuality, and Dedication. No slackers allowed. 😉 Except for me. hahaha

Q.  What is your favorite board game and why?

A. Scrabble. It exercises the mind and makes good bonding time with my mom. 

Q.  When you look at the stars, what do you see?

A. Inspiration.

Q. When you look at the ocean, what does it remind you of?

A. The Little Mermaid. 🙂

Q.  How do you overcome writer’s block?

A. I listen to music.

Q.  If you could say 3 encouraging things to another person, what would they be?

Never give up. Dream yourself ready. Only you can make yourself happy. 

Q.  Do you prefer to write your stories/books/poetry/prose/articles on paper first, then type them up and edit them, or do you like to type them straight into your computer to edit?

A. I always hand write my poems and stories because I like to disconnect and get lost in my creativity. Blog posts I usually type straightaway. 

Q.  Do you like writing in one genre or more?

A. I like to mix it up. Narratives come the easiest, but I feel quite fulfilled after writing a meaningful poem. 

Q.  As a writer, do you think actions speak louder than words?

A. Well, I think writing something down makes one more apt to act on it. 

Q.  What is your favorite quote and why?

A. “The moment is now. The moment is all we have.” 

It reminds me to enjoy every day and not take time for granted. 

I tag the following bad bitches:

And now I’m going to shamelessly use this post to show off pictures of my sassy new hair! 😀

New HairNew Hair 2New Hair 3

I love dyeing my hair black. And new lipstick. 😉


6 thoughts on “Blog Tag

  1. I just have to say Asylum you’ve out done yourself and I LOVED your answers! ❤ Love the new hair and the lipstick really brings out your blue eyes. 😉

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