The Eerie Witch

Eerie shadows moved among the dark trees, frightening and inhuman. A small boy sat alone, weeping on the damp earth, forgotten by the cruel world he didn’t identify with. His clothes were covered in mud and wet leaves and dark hair covered his face, yet his two brilliant emerald eyes shone through the darkness.

Suddenly, a luminous creature crept sluggishly out from behind a nearby rose bush. The creature seemed to resemble a tiny cat, yet had the face of a witch. And this creature was quite transparent, the moist leaves on the ground showing through its fur.

The young boy pushed his jet black hair from his wet, gleaming eyes and stared, bewitched, at the oddity in front of him. The creature looked back at the boy, its striking blue eyes transfixed on the boy’s narrow, pallid face. Forever this mutual appreciation seemed to continue, until the creature began moving slowly toward the timid boy once again.

Fearful, the boy began to crawl backwards away from the bizarre being, but got stuck in some low-hanging branches. The creature picked up speed and quickly approached the boy, moving faster across the wet land. The boy desperately tried to free his damp clothes from the branches, but it almost seemed like the branches were holding him in place, much like human hands would. He knew that he could not escape.

A scream issued from the boy’s mouth as the creature reached out a paw as if to touch his face, but this scream was swallowed by the black night. Once the paw touched the boy’s cheek, something mystifying happened.

The creature began to grow larger, its fur disappearing as well as its other feline features. A haze of smoke shrouded the creature and then, out of the mist, walked a young and creepy witch, with the same face the creature had.

Love Is Dead Cover Art

The young boy gazed in amazement into the sparkling blue eyes of the witch, whose ice blonde hair fell in long wisps across her face. She was dressed peculiarly in a long, translucent gown with a rather intricate design. The witch’s hair trailed the ground and drops of dew clung to it, as well as small stones the color of the nearby lake.

As she leaned over the boy, the witch’s long hair fell onto his lap and he could see fireflies dancing amongst the dew and stones.

At last, the witch said, “I do not judge, nor harm. You are safe here. What is your name?”

The boy replied, “I’m Kivi. I live in the small cottage across the lake. But who are you?”

“Oh, I know, child,” said the witch. “I have been watching you for a long time indeed. And who am I, you ask? Well, that shall remain a mystery.”

Nervously, Kivi said, “I thought I felt someone’s presence when I was by the lake the last few nights. What do you want from me?”

The witch smiled and replied, “I have witnessed your pain. I know the hurt you feel inside and I am here to help.”

“I’m fine,” shouted Kivi. “Nothing is wrong with me.”

“Oh, I think you are mistaken,” said the witch, dreamily. “I see you crying here among the trees often. And I know why. You needn’t deny your feelings.”

“Why?” asked Kivi.

“Because they are real and important and part of something bigger,” stated the witch. “You are meant for more than you know. But, you must have faith in who you are to get where you want to go. This cruel and harsh world will try to break you and force you to surrender, but you must not allow it to. You are special and a very valuable part of this beautiful reality. Be yourself and everything will fall into its rightful place.”

And with that, the eerie witch disappeared into another cloud of mist.

Kivi sat in silence for quite some time, mulling over what the witch had told him. He knew what he had wanted, but never dreamed it could become reality. But now, Kivi felt strong and was ready to create his own universe. And as he left the forest that mysterious night, Kivi sang through the darkness and made his voice be heard to not only the animals nearby, but to everyone that had ever doubted his abilities and questioned his dreams.


I wrote this story a long time ago. It was inspired by Natalie Shau’s beautiful artwork above and the ever-inspirational singer Kerli. I was suicidal when I wrote it. It’s weird to think back to that time, but it also shows me how far I’m come since then. I’ll never be that lonely boy again. 🙂

I have also been nominated for the Shine On award by the always lovely and zany Izcentric! This award reminds me of that Rihanna song “Diamonds”. 😉

Shine On AwardI’ll be leaving tomorrow on a much needed vacation from work and life in general. I’m looking forward to being surrounded by nature and inspiration galore. I love disconnecting from technology sometimes. I promise I’ll return. 🙂 I wanted to ask before I go: Do you guys have any ideas for future blog posts? Anything you want to see? I’m up for trying new stuff, especially if it gets me out of my comfort zone. I’m crazy like that. 😉




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