Cute Clubber Photo Shoot



It’s photo shoot time! I had the idea for this cutesy fierce look a while ago and I’m happy to finally bring it to life. I think I like the makeup the best because I’m normally not that great at it, but it came out pretty. 🙂





My top is from Lip Service. The Beetlejuice leggings are from Dolls Kill. My platform boots are Demonia with DIY embellishments by myself. The hair bow is actually a bow tie from Hot Topic that works great as a headband. I feel that all together, this was a good mix of light and dark. Sexy and innocent. Bubblegoth realness.



I actually had planned a second soft grunge look for this shoot, but the pictures came out pretty fugly, tbh. I suppose I took on more than I could manage in one night. I’m quite pleased with this look, however. Putting it together made me realize that I need to do this more often. This is what Asylum Attendant looks like in my head. 😉





Initially, I was leery to watch this movie because I thought it was about vampires. I’m just not that into those creatures of the night. However, Stoker turned out to be a smart and mysterious psychological thriller with a very strange girl named India (Mia Wasikowska) at the center of the twisted plot. Keep your pencils away from this girl!

The film begins with the death of India’s father Richard on her 18th birthday. India doesn’t seem extremely upset over this. If anything, she’s apathetic. This is the first indication that India is not your normal teenage girl. India also doesn’t have a close bond with her mother, Evelyn (Nicole Kidman). India always spent more time hunting with her father, leaving her mother out. At Richard’s funeral, the two are reunited with India’s long lost Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode). His thick layer of charm and good looks are rather unnerving. Charlie decides to stay with India and Evelyn during the difficult time. Let the odd events begin.

Evelyn falls for Charlie’s sly tricks instantly, but India is very standoffish at first as Charlie relentlessly tries to win her over. He buys her ice cream, offers her rides to school, and cooks lavish dinners, but India isn’t having any of it. Soon after Charlie’s arrival, people close to the women begin to disappear. The truth about Charlie’s past eventually comes out and once it does, India has to make a decision. Out with the old or in with the new?

There is so much to talk about in this film. Symbolism is very important here. Charlie’s belt, the spiders, India’s shoes…they all add to the mystery and drama of the plot. Every year on her birthday, India gets a new pair of the exact same black and white flats. These represent her childhood. Near the end of the film, Uncle Charlie gifts India a pair of black high heels, signaling her transition into womanhood. She cannot go back to simpler times. Also interesting is how India attracts spiders. One even crawls up her leg. India is much like a spider with the honed senses she used to hunt animals for years.

India's Shoes

Mia Wasikowska managed to portray the awkward, complex India with ease. I didn’t know that she also played Alice in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never seen that version. After seeing Mia’s striking performance in Stoker, I just have to see her as Alice.  The dark visuals and eerie atmosphere of the film are similar to a Gothic fairy tale. The evil uncle, tragedy, and a loss of innocence are all themes that can be found in authentic fairy tales. Though, I don’t think Stoker would be appropriate to be made into a children’s story. It’s much too sexual and violent for that.

I kind of have a crush on crazy Uncle Charlie. There’s a ridiculous scene in the film where India refuses to take a ride from Charlie and all the girls on her school bus swoon and giggle over how handsome he is. Matthew Goode is certainly easy on the eyes. He dresses impeccably in Stoker and is always the perfect gentleman. His character reminds me of someone I once had a thing for: beautiful on the outside, but cuckoo bananas on the inside. Uncle Charlie spent some time in a psychiatric hospital, so maybe that’s why I like him. You know I’m drawn to the crazies!


Nicole Kidman was also awesome in this film. The scene in which she wishes life would tear her daughter India apart is probably my favorite from the movie. So badass. It’s definitely a turning point.

I would highly recommend this film to my gothy readers. I think you’ll fall in love with India like I have. 🙂

New Song “Work”


I’m sorry I’ve been absent, but that’s because I was working on a special surprise. I’ve gone back to my roots and recorded a new song! It’s a cover of rapper Iggy Azalea’s “Work”. I’ve re-written a lot of the lyrics to better suit myself and I got pretty personal. I really put my heart into this one and I’m proud of what I did with the song. I hope everyone enjoys. ❤


Lyrics: By Iggy Azalea and Asylum Attendant


Work for hours on a new song

But, I ain’t done this shit in so long

I’m not bitchin’ I’m just telling you

Trying to let you know what the fuck that I’ve been through

Verse 1

Grew up in the Midwest, nonsense

Hoes so vain, insane

Tried to go with the grain

But, I’ve now overcome that pain.

Haters got a lot to say

Cutting me down for being gay

Listening to them would just be dumb

As I make it past where I am from.


No friends, mad family

Sixteen and so unhappy


I’ve been up all night, tryna get this rich

I’ve been work work work work working on my shit

Milked the whole game twice, gotta get it how I live

I’ve been work work work work working on my shit

Now get this work (4)

Working on my shit

Verse 2

You can hate me or love me

The struggle didn’t change me

More than anything it saved me.

Femme boy with a new ploy

Some thought I was psychotic

Or just plain idiotic

Might have been crazy, sometimes lazy

Never let the sadness break me.

Stomped through the bullshit like a rivethead

Just made me madder and madder

Til’ the taunts came to a head.

So, I got stronger

Dyed my hair as I embraced my inner warrior

Until I came to realize

As I painted my eyes

My inner light I no longer had to hide.

Effeminate, with dry wit

Conservatives will never comprehend it

Creeps poisoned me like arsenic

Old men couldn’t take my innocence

Now, I’m the baddest bitch!

You don’t know the half

This shit get real

Nancy boys giving blowjobs for Louboutins

What you call that?

Head over heels (ha)


No friends, mad family

Sixteen and so unhappy


I’ve been up all night, tryna get this rich

I’ve been work work work work working on my shit

Milked the whole game twice, gotta get it how I live

I’ve been work work work work working on my shit

Now get this work (4)

Working on my shit

Verse 3

I broke free from the bubble

Ain’t been easy

But, I stay busy creeping back from the trouble

Let go of the past

Living in the moment, what a blast

Integrity, love, and unity

I keep balanced in harmony

Eighteen, I changed for the better so

Flying with my batwings to Sassyland

Sounding like a reject marching band

As my Bubblegoth world leaves bitches aghast

My dream is all that I need

Cause it’s all that I ever had


Now get this work

Working on my shitttt