Not Like The Rest

Not Like The Rest


Tired bodies all around

Resignation abound.

Dreams dissipated long ago,

Leaving a battlefield of woe.


Addictions fill the space,

Plastered on every face.

Connection solely exists

Through technologic mists.


Adventure is forsaken

As the mundane is awakened.

Isolation chisels the air,

But no one even cares.


Television is a sickness,

Flashing frames of sadness.

Absorbing all the drama

Erases years of trauma.


Complaints are the entertainment

Comments loaded with resentment.

Whines murder joy,

Leaving time for toys.


Work is always everywhere

That’s all there really is to share.

Clocking out is fantasy

Some minds just can’t stay free.


I tried to sweep away the gloom,

But I couldn’t grasp the broken broom.

It fell hard to the ground

Creating not a single sound.


Cycles sometimes need to break

For the next generation’s sake.

What seems selfish to one

Keeps another from a gun.

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