How To Get A Boyfriend


I’m late as always, but Happy Valentine’s Day! I was just going to do a themed photo shoot to celebrate this year like I did two years ago. You can check out that blog post here. But, then I had a cute idea. I could use silly pictures to give relationship advice. Think of it as a checklist of things to do to hook the guy of your dreams. Of course this is all in fun and extra comical because I’ve never had a boyfriend. So, maybe this should be called “What Not To Do When Attracting A Mate”. I don’t understand why these haven’t worked for me all these years…

How To Get A Boyfriend

1.) Mix and match your stockings. Perfection is undesirable. So are shaved legs.


2.) Wear your heart on your sleeve. Literally.



3.) Put bows in your hair. Maintain your innocence.



4.) Apply makeup how you like. Outside opinions mean nothing.


5.) Smile! Joy is contagious.


Skeleton hand hair clips double as brooches.

Those are all my tips! In all seriousness, all you need to do to find love is to be yourself. Fall in love with yourself and that light will attract anything you want in life. Your significant other will admire your integrity and that’s true love. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a relationship with someone else or just with yourself. I’ll finish this post with the rest of the photo shoot! ❤

Valentines 2014

This was the whole creepy cute look. Sass included.


I love the creepy masks on this shirt.




Slut Face/Pose

Slut Face/Pose





January was just weird. And really uninspiring. Bitter, stupid cold temperatures and tons of snow didn’t help. However, some things happened that I must discuss.

I would say it’s been a positive start to the new year for me. I went on a job interview and learned I was the second choice, got an unexpected counteroffer on a job I originally declined, and had a big decision to make. Back in November, I accidentally applied for a support staff job at a mental health agency. I thought it was for a different program than what it ended up being. Two stressful interviews later, I was offered the position. Unfortunately, the pay was $2.00 less than what I make at my current job and the responsibility level was much higher. After much turmoil, I decided to turn the job down. It was hard because I wanted to leave my other job so bad. But, I refuse to get taken advantage of by an employer again. I know my worth.

Come January, I landed an interview for my dream job. I would have been using my degree to help people seeking a wide variety of mental health services. I would get them enrolled in services and conduct face to face assessments. I had applied to the job numerous times before and never got a call. The interview went really well, despite having to drive there in a blizzard. Thanks, Michigan. This is when a wrench got thrown into the mix.

Before I knew the status of the interview, I received a call from the same agency regarding the support staff job I had declined a month earlier. They had liked me so much that they increased the pay by more than $4.00, changed the job title to administrative assistant, and tailored the job to me. I was very flattered. It feels wonderful when a company has that much faith in you. But, what about my dream job that would pay more and be more suited to my strengths?

I called the lady who interviewed me and she informed me that they really liked me, but I was their second choice. Someone else had more experience and was more qualified. I find that hard to believe, but maybe that was a sign from the universe that the job just wasn’t meant for me. She said they wouldn’t be making an offer for a couple more weeks. The other person could decline or accept. I could decline the administrative assistant job for the second time and wait to see if this person declined the other job. Risky! Or I could take the job that wasn’t my first choice, but would still be a great opportunity. It was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Absolutely overwhelming. I have never and will never make decisions easily.

I finally made up my mind. I took the administrative assistant job! It’s full-time, with great benefits and a substantial pay increase. It’s also much closer to my house and an exciting change. I start in a week. I’m so happy to be leaving the soul sucking hell of a job I currently have. A lot of the people I work with are great, but there are some truly horrid people there, too. And the commute is longgg. Really sucks when it decides to snow every single day.

I graduated college two years ago and I thought my life would be different than it is now. I definitely stayed at my go-nowhere job much too long and got comfortable not challenging myself. I got used and when I finally pushed back, I was put on management’s shit list. I don’t feel bad about leaving. I actually hope things fall apart without me. I suppose that’s cruel, but I think being forced to “work” (in quotations because I did all the work while she shopped online) with a loud-mouthed, ghetto, unhelpful bitch for two years straight was a travesty. I’ll stop there before this gets any more negative.

January was so wild that I’m eager to see what the coming months will bring. I’m ready to care again. I’m ready to learn all that I can. I know I’m doing what needs to be done. I’m scared and I’m growing. I got this.

By the way, I thought I’d share a song from the group Aesthetic Perfection’s new album “Til Death” out February 11. I’m loving their new poppy sound! It’s still industrial and dark enough, I think. 😉

Wish me luck at my new job!