Rotten Sam and Sandy

Say hi to my new friends Rotten Sam and Sandy! They are my first Living Dead Dolls that I just bought and I love them. My only complaint is that they giggle and run around my room at night, but they’re just having fun. I do sleep with a hammer under my pillow just in case…

rotten sam and sandy



8 thoughts on “Rotten Sam and Sandy

  1. I gush over those dolls every time I go to f.y.e. I have a really bad phobia of dolls, puppets, and clowns which generally keeps me from bringing one home. They’re so adorably creepy and gory, but I’m too terrified of having one in my possession.

    • I totally understand. This f.y.e. store is sounding better and better. πŸ˜‰ I had to buy my dolls online because I didn’t know where else to get them. Would you be able to get one and leave it in the box? A lot of collectors do that. My first night with these two, I swore Sandy was moving her head. Imagination is a funny thing. It doesn’t help that I’ve also been watching really scary movies lately.

      • I don’t have a Hot Topic around here, just f.y.e which is almost the same, except prices are a bit more reasonable.
        I definitely wouldn’t be able to keep them in the box. Too cute to not touch.Plus, I’m a giant child at heart that cannot grasp why anyone would buy something to just look at it and not play with it.
        Oh gee, I’d have a heart attack. x.x My imagination doesn’t let me get any sleep as is now.

  2. Omg floods are the worst! Cut dolls! I’m more into the ones that aren’t meant to be creepy but somehow turn out to me. My mom has this porcelain clown doll that plays music. A few times during my childhood it random began to play music on its own without being wound up. I used to be scared shitless by it and wouldn’t go in the dinning room (where it was) when I was home alone. lol. Now I kinda dig it.
    Even my American dolls had to be kept covered up in my room when I was little. As much as I loved them, I was terrified that one night I’d look over at Kristin, laying down, and her eyes would open (shes the type with the open-close eyes).
    I currently have a monster high doll in my position I was planning on modifying somehow…. just haven’t gotten to it.

    • The clown doll sounds awesome! I’m fascinated by how many people are terrified of dolls or have traumatic experiences with them. I won’t lie, the life-size singing Santa my family puts out every Christmas creeps me out at night. We lost him in the flood! The tears are real. lol

      Monster High dolls are super cute. I would have loved to have them as a kid. The vampire one reminds me of Emilie Autumn. πŸ™‚

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