Mostly Good and Slightly Bad News

I disappeared for a bit. I wanted to blog, but I was in a nasty fog of depression. I feel better now. Not awesome, but I’m okay. I also seem to only be able to focus on one thing at a time in my life. I accept that I’ll always kind of be a mess.

Now, I have some awesome, exciting news…and some bad news to share. Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. About three weeks ago, I walked out of my full-time job and never went back. A lot led up to this decision and I never could have imagined what happened. I’m sure I’ve mentioned how unhappy I was at my job. I never wanted it in the first place. I paid my dues in order to transfer within the agency after 6 months. It was hell, but I made it. I applied to 4 internal jobs and never even got an interview, however. That was odd, since my entire team had nothing but positive things to say about me. And then shit really got bad. Half our team got laid off at the end of September (which was really shitty and upsetting) and I absorbed all the duties of the other administrative assistant. This included attending meetings in the most dangerous part of the county for the sole purpose of taking notes. Wow, I feel so valued. I was pissed and called off sick a day and a half to avoid these meetings. As payback, my direct supervisor (who works at another agency…weird, I know) sent me to represent our team at a meeting I’d never heard of or been to before in another dangerous area. The war was on. I planned on going to the meeting, but I told my agency supervisor (who never helped me or did anything but sign my timesheet, if that) that I’d had enough and needed to meet with her. She set a meeting with me a little before the time I was supposed to attend the payback meeting. I told my direct supervisor I might not be able to make it to the payback meeting on time as I had a meeting with my other supervisor to attend because I was feeling overwhelmed and so my demise began. It got really ugly.

So, I attend the payback meeting in Detroit and then go to the county to work on a special project I supposedly couldn’t work on at my actual work site. Really, it was just a ploy to piss me off further because everyone knew I hated going down there. I go to the 8th floor and enter my supervisor’s office. I ask her for the project she wanted me to work on. She proceeds to ask me if I want to meet with her and her supervisor to discuss my feelings about my additional job duties. I say no. She keeps pushing the question in her fake, smug way. I tell her I don’t care if I lose this job and that a meeting won’t make a difference. Wrong thing to say.

My direct supervisor called my agency supervisor and told her what I said. An investigation was conducted and I was grilled by my agency supervisor over what I said. Two weeks later, at a meeting between all three of us that was supposed to address my concerns, I was presented with a write up. It literally shocked me. I was reprimanded solely to prevent me from transferring within the agency. That’s how vindictive these people are. They knew from the beginning I wanted to do something else and this was their way of keeping me. I lost it. Through tears, I gave my two week notice of resignation. Of course, they begged me to stay.  They’re lucky I didn’t tell them to suck my dick. Actually, if my mom hadn’t been employed by the same agency for 27 years, I would have.

The following Monday, I knew I had to leave without giving two weeks notice. I couldn’t even speak to these people after what they did to me. I quietly packed up my cube. No one passing by said a word, like that was new. I picked up my box of belongings and left. That was it. I was unemployed. There’s so much more to the story, but I won’t bore anyone with that novel.

I’ve been desperately applying to jobs ever since. I’ve only received one call for an interview, but I’m not sure about the position. I would be working with clients again, but there are cons, too. It’s a very stressful time. It’s also really nice to have some time off. Sleeping in has been lovely. Hopefully I land something good soon.

On to the awesome news: I am now a music writer for the alternative magazine Carpe Nocturne!!! Wow! I wrote two articles on artists Miss FD and Too Dead To Die for the Winter Issue that will come out in January. I couldn’t be more excited. Michael Jack, the music editor at Carpe Nocturne and fellow dark music blogger and friend here on WordPress, graciously offered to have me on board and I jumped at the opportunity. I think of it as taking my writing to the next level. There are even more ridiculously exciting things to come for the Spring Issue, but I won’t get Reckless and share the hot Gossip yet. 😉

I got the chance to talk with Miss FD and Too Dead To Die and they are seriously so sweet and appreciative. I had never heard of GothPop Princess Miss FD before writing about her for the magazine and I’m a huge fan now. She’s so versatile and crafts very meaningful lyrics. Love her dark visuals as well.

Too Dead To Die finally released the music video for “Another Sin” and it’s sexy and controversial.

I think that’s all the news I have for now. My next post will be more entertaining I hope. Love you guys!




14 thoughts on “Mostly Good and Slightly Bad News

  1. Gods, people are total asshats. I thought the high-ups at my job were bad. Woah. *virtual hugsss* Glad to hear you’re doing better. Congratz on the writing job, it definitely sounds fun! ^.^

  2. It always amazes me when people get a little power, they feel it’s their right to abuse it. It makes me ask, “Is your life that horrible you must abuse everyone else just to make yourself feel better?” So sorry you had to go through that, Jonathan. Live, learn, move on. That’s all you can do.

    • The whole experience was like a throwback to middle school cliques, petty drama and straight-up bullying. I think a lot of people suffer through terrible jobs because they need the money. I was no different and if I had a family to support, I would’ve stayed. Thanks so much as always for your kindness. I grew a lot as a person in the short time I was there, so not all was lost. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your exciting new Job 🙂 such exciting times. As for depression, you will learn to cope with it. it does get easier and you have lots of people sending you much love.

    • Thank you! Very exciting times. I also just found out today I will be returning to a past job that I loved as a Receptionist. I’m definitely blessed. Every one of my blogger friends are amazing, you included!

      • Thank-you friend. I will be thinking about you,and sending you positive energy. You are doing swell. xx

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