New Cat and New House


I love Lights. I got to rediscover her through writing a feature on her for the magazine. She’s cute with an airy voice and a new wave vibe I can’t get enough of. Listen to those synths!

This has been a busy month. Between work, writing lots of articles for the magazine and some personal stuff going on, time is really flying by. I like keeping busy, though.

Writing about stuff like cosplay and Sci-fi makeup for the magazine is definitely new to me, but it’s cool to learn and jump out of my comfort zone. I kinda like taking something unknown, researching it and adding my flavor to it in writing. I understand why cosplay is so beloved now, for example. Cosplayers put so much effort into making their costumes. The process is really admirable.

My personal life is rapidly changing. About a month ago, my uncle passed away very tragically and unexpectedly. He had lived with my family many times over the course of my life and he was more than just an uncle to me. He suffered from a prescription pill addiction and a lot of mental health issues. He had the roughest life I’ve ever heard of, most of which was not his fault at all. He was doing so much better, that’s why his death is so shocking. I can’t talk about how he died because it’s too painful and sad. Maybe one day.

Anyway, he left behind a house and a cat. At first, my family didn’t know if we could take in the cat. We already have a cat, which was formerly this same uncle’s before he went to prison. Ultimately, we decided to take her in. I’m really glad, because she’s already brought us a lot of joy. Her name is Maggie May (like the song) and she’s a cute little thing. She’s a total lap cat, which we’ve never had before. We hope she’ll get along with Ozzy (detect the theme…my uncle loved rock music), our other fat white cat. At least they’re not fighting. Not friends yet either.



Maggie and Ozzy

Maggie and Ozzy are friends…

We’re also keeping the house. It’s actually going to be my first home of my own. I’m buying it from my mom. I’m so excited. It’s a two bedroom with a lot of character. It needs some work, but that’s the fun part. I can’t wait to start decorating. This cold ass Winter needs to go away so I can move in. I love living with my parents and siblings, but I can’t be myself here. I’m not growing and I crave some freedom. I want more from life and I’m ready to make it happen.

Something else has been on my mind. The other day a girl at work said I was the least likely person she’d ever expect to be Goth. I was like, damn! Did I really change that much? I work in an office, so I can’t go all out with my fashion, but I hadn’t realized how conservative I had become. I don’t want to lose myself in the work world as I get older. I am Goth and I want people to see that side of me. The spikes and black hair dye are gone, but I’m still dark and strange. I’ll have to start making a conscious effort to keep some gothy elements in my everyday dress.

I’ll leave you with a disco pop song from Eden xo. California pop at its finest.