Ruffles, Lace and Bows

2015-03-01 01.53.51

It’s been over a year since my last photo shoot. I’ve had an itch to do one for a bit, but I wanted to wait until I had a really awesome clothing item to showcase. I just received the ruffle lace shirt above from Rivithead and I knew it was just what I needed. It’s very elegant, Victorianesque and I sort of feel like a vampire in it.

2015-03-01 01.36.402015-03-01 01.48.07

The sleeves are super long and wide at the double ruffled ends. Not very practical, but has that ever stopped me before? I shovel snow in Demonia platform boots…it’s about the look. The chest of the shirt is also heavily ruffled.

2015-03-01 01.30.22

2015-03-01 01.47.34

I also got a couple new lipsticks from Manic Panic which I had to test out. Cobweb is the frosty pink color. It’s actually opalescent white in the tube, but it changes colors depending on your natural lip color. The other color is Hells Bells, a shimmery, dark grayish blue color. I like them both and they feel really good on the lips. And then there is my stripey skull hair bow from Hot Topic. I must have a bow with every outfit. I didn’t feel like jewelry was necessary since the shirt is so bold.

2015-03-01 01.32.21

2015-03-01 01.31.11

And that’s all for my mini photo shoot. It’s a classier look for a guy like me that loves fishnet and sparkly rings. 😛 I still love getting dolled up every so often. I’ll end with two songs. The first is from the alternative pop duo No Frills Twins, an Australian pair of sisters from the same town as Iggy Azalea with the most unique fashion sense I think I’ve ever seen. I must see the inside of their closet. Holy eyebrows!

The second song is “Biscuit” from pop soul singer and Arkansas native Ivy Levan. She’s like a demented Christina Aguilera with humor and some darkness thrown in. Butter my butt and call me a biscuit. 😉 This girl’s gonna be huge.


13 thoughts on “Ruffles, Lace and Bows

  1. >< So insanely jealous of the shirt. Gaah, I've been moping around that site ~ thankfully work has started back up!
    You look great in it and the bow is very perfect to match! Love your style sense!

    • I’ve never owned something so fancy as it before. It was so expensive! Rivithead has a lot of cute/cool stuff. First time buyer and I will shop there again. I’m glad to hear that you’re back at work. That must mean Spring is near?! It hit 30 degrees today and I almost wept with joy. LOL

      Thanks so much. I always love your looks as well. 🙂

  2. I must say, not everyone can pull off the ruffled shirt. Looks good on you.

    The bands…never heard of the No Frills Twins before. I liked the song, but really unsure of what to make of them, Lol. Needs further investigation. Ivy Levan I just recently stumbled across. She’s good, different, and can make an impact. It’ll be interesting to see if she catches on with the main stream populace.

    • Why thank you.

      The No Frills Twins make very unique song covers, but I don’t get their fashion. It’s just so hodgepodge to me. lol Of course, they can’t compare to my favorite Australian sisters The Veronicas. Ivy has the support of some big names in the music world, so hopefully that will help her. Weird worked for Gaga, so who knows.

  3. That ruffled shirt is gorgeous! Wish I had one like that. And the lipstick looks really good on you. I liked No Frills Twins too, first time I heard of them.

    • Thank you much. You could probably modify a simple black collared shirt and add lace embellishments. I wish I had more time for DIY projects. Can’t wait to hear what’s next to come from the zany twins!

      • Aha, that’s such a good idea! I also wish I had more time for DIY projects… Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to make do with what we have 🙂 But I will definitely attempt a ruffled shirt someday!

        Yeah, they remind me of Marina and the Diamonds… but maybe that’s because she’s the only person I know who sings like that, but there are actually lots of people like that?

        Oh yeah, and I just remembered that I still haven’t done the band tag that you tagged everyone to do 🙂

  4. Omg I adore Marina! Her new album Froot is ridiculously good. I remember her saying that vocal coaches are rubbish, so that probably accounts for her unique voice. No outside influence.

    It’s a super fun tag! Hope you give it a go.

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