Photographic (Depeche Mode Cover)

Surprise! Guess who’s making music again in a big way?! I knew my first music video and return to music would be a Depeche Mode cover and I made it happen. “Photographic” is dark and robotic, the perfect soundtrack to an 80’s horror film. The synths are insane. I spent a lot of time recording vocals and filming/editing the video. You can see me arm dance, randomly adopt a British accent and bring out my inner Britney Spears. Yes, she’s responsible for any slut that jumps out of me. The process was so much fun. I sing and dance all the time in my bedroom. This video is simply that with a camera on.

You can download the cover for free on my Soundcloud page. I really hope everyone enjoys this. I’ll probably record a more modern song next time with just as much synth action and potentially less clothes. 😉


4 thoughts on “Photographic (Depeche Mode Cover)

    • Thank you so much! I’ve infected you with the synthpop bug…mwahahaha. lol I’m not super confident with singing, so the compliment means a lot. I was so self-conscious about dancing in the video. But, there were instrumental breaks that had to be filled and I love to dance. I always pretend I’m on stage when listening to music. haha ❤

      • Haha, yess! I was looking up and listening to a few other songs and they’re great! Your singing is totally awesome, no need to worry! I’m a fan of any and all dancing. I, myself, look like a raver having a seizure when I dance. It’s all so fun!

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