Carpe Nocturne: Summer Steampunk Issue 2015

Carpe Nocturne Summer 2015
Steamy weather outside means that the Summer Steampunk issue of Carpe Nocturne is finally here. We have a male cover model this time with an epic handlebar moustache. This issue covers Steampunk music from around the world, gear-filled events you’ll want to learn more about and our new poetry feature, Dark Corners. Check out my article on the hilarious, but talented Goth musician Aurelio Voltaire, my interviews with Swedish latex model Arathin (whose blog you all should check out) and anti-bullying group Heroes United Against Cosplay Bullying, my CD reviews of bands Atomzero and Suicidal Romance, my legendary (haha) poem Teatime, and the debut of my LGBTQ column, Sanctuary of the Strange. I’m most thrilled about the LGBTQ column since it’s obviously closest to my heart and very personal. I’ve always wanted to create my own sanctuary and it’s happening.

We’ve switched to Magzter for the digital releases moving forward and I think the quality and such is much better. You can also now access the magazine on your phone or tablet, which is awesome. Pick up a digital or print copy at or

Now, I must get back to writing for Fall. The pressure is on for our Goth issue. Just wait and see what I’ve got up my creepy little sleeve. 😉


5 thoughts on “Carpe Nocturne: Summer Steampunk Issue 2015

  1. steampunk stuff – i dont think i’ve seen that in a german mag yet (though i dont read that many magazines anymore these days), probably would not hurt to have more different things in our magazines since there is such a huge community!
    so did i understand that right, you write for that magazine? if so congrats, if not, also congrats on being featured in that column XD ❤

    • Steampunk really is growing at a rapid pace. Oh, I would love to visit Germany one day. I’m sure your magazines have a lot of cool stuff that the U.S. mags do not have. lol Yep, I do write for Carpe Nocturne. Mostly music and fashion, since those are my passions. Thank you so much. It’s every writer’s dream to get published and a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed all the things I’ve accomplished. It’s amazing. 😀

    • Oh gosh Samm, I was getting so impatient because there was a slight delay in release. haha Thanks for checking out my work. I feel like I get more and more confident with every issue I write for. 🙂 I’m not afraid to interview anyone anymore!

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