One Lovely Blog Award


Awards are always exciting. I certainly never expected to be nominated for any. So I was very happy to receive the One Lovely Blog Award from my good friends and fellow bloggers Izzy (GothicHeartsandBatWings) and Tommy TopHat (manbehindthecurtain)! Thanks so much you guys! Izzy is a happy Goth girl with the best fashion sense and mad skills in the kitchen. Seriously, all of her recipes look so delicious! Tommy TopHat is an odd fellow (just like myself) with an affinity for strange girls and the surreal. And he’s such an imaginative, excellent writer. Both of their blogs rock!

Here come seven facts about your Asylum Attendant:

~1. I work at a mental health clinic, so I can’t possibly be sane.

~2. People often mistake me for a woman, which I love.

~3. I have incredibly bad eyesight. I’m not blind yet though!

~4. I get really nervous in social situations, yet everyone always tells me I’m super outgoing.

~5. I randomly sing and dance all the time. Sometimes without even realizing it.

~6. I’m completely nocturnal.

~7. I’m indecisive about everything, so…

I nominate the following bloggers for the One Lovely Blog Award:


Creative Dreamlands of Arathin




Rainbow Healing Spirit

We’re All Mad Inhere

I can’t wait to learn seven facts about you all! 😀