I have loved all things Goth for years. I think I was drawn to the Gothic subculture because it’s so unique and beautiful. Naturally, I started incorporating elements of Goth fashion into my own wardrobe. People took notice and began asking if I was Goth. My response: Not quite a Goth. I’m a BubbleGoth. That response usually gets a laugh and a puzzled expression. BubbleGoth is definitely new and not very well-known. I understand why people would be curious to learn more about it. So, let’s jump into the world of gas-masked teddy bears and pastel-colored bats!

BubbleGoth was created a couple of years ago by singer/songwriter Kerli. Many people started to call her Goth after her first album came out due to its dark lyrics and spooky visuals. Trying to be offensive, one critic called her Bubblegum Goth. Kerli thought that was genius and explained her perfectly. BubbleGoth was born! According to Kerli, it is all about making dark things beautiful and beautiful things dark. Bubble is the sweet and innocent side while Goth is twisted and dark. Pairing a white wedding dress with combat boots would fall under BubbleGoth. You take polar opposites and blend them together to create something magical. It’s a total contradiction, but BubbleGoth isn’t meant to be taken super seriously. It’s all about having fun with fashion and individuality is key.

Cybergoth seems to have a huge influence on BubbleGoth. Gas masks, neon colors, and dreadlocks are all a part of both fashion styles. BubbleGoth isn’t as harsh looking, though. Rave fashion is also included in BubbleGoth. We love kandi bracelets and furry boots. Of course, we have to Goth it up. Ravers are a bit too colorful for BubbleGoth.




BubbleGoth highly values creativity and originality. We make a lot of the stuff we wear ourselves because you can’t find it in a store. For instance, I took a pair of black leather boots and glued rhinestones, bows, and lace to them for a cute touch. It would seem like those things wouldn’t go together, but they turned out really pretty. I also did a BubbleGoth ring tutorial not that long ago which I will link here. Why spend a lot of money on designer clothes when you can make a totally unique piece for super cheap? DIY projects are a huge part of BubbleGoth and everyone’s ideas are welcome.

My Boots

DIY Gas mask

I have heard that some are offended by BubbleGoth and Pastel Goth, which is sort of similar to BubbleGoth, but it involves pastel colors mixed with Goth elements. I’m certainly not trying to offend anyone by the way that I dress. I completely adore and respect the Gothic subculture. BubbleGoth is not a movement to make fun of Goth. We simply twist Goth fashion in a playful way. Everyone should dress the way they want and keep an open mind when it comes to personal style.

Pastel Goth









I would kill for those pink spiky flats! Definitely BubbleGoth. Anyways, I hope I have thoroughly explained BubbleGoth and shown how enjoyable it can be. I used to despise labels, but I gladly refer to myself as a BubbleGoth. We’ll keep on decapitating teddy bears everywhere. 😉

BubbleGoth Ring Tutorial


I love to make my own jewelry because I can create one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else will have. And you can’t really find the creepy stuff I like to wear at a super cheap price. Plus crafting is my idea of a good time.

Today I’ll show you how to make some BubbleGoth rings!


~ Heart Stickers (Target)

~ E6000 Craft Glue (Jo-Ann Fabrics)

~ Adjustable Ring Bases

~ Monster High Erasers (Walgreens)

~ Assorted Gems (Jo-Ann Fabrics)

Step 1: Glue a heart sticker on your ring base using the E6000 glue. A little bit of glue goes a long way here. I have to say this glue stole my heart. It is just the best. It will glue anything to anything. Special thanks to Kerli for introducing me to this stuff. ❤

Step 2:  Glue some gems onto your eraser. I used pink hearts and glued them on my bat’s wings.

Step 3: Glue your eraser onto the ring base. Allow 24 hours to dry. You don’t want your BubbleGoth ring to fall apart!

Aw, I love my batty ring! I also made a skull ring using another eraser and some more gems.

I think I’ll wear my BubbleGoth rings to the next cemetery picnic. They are frighteningly adorable.