Summer Vacation 2015


I’m back from my vacation at St. Joseph and it was phenomenal! The sugar sand beaches, awesome restaurants and eclectic shops made for a great time. I got some much needed rest amongst the gorgeous backdrop of Lake Michigan. St. Joe might be my favorite place to stay along the lake. Picture time!


Silver Beach


View from our rental house. The water was really choppy due to high winds.

IMG_0336 IMG_0341

The views were absolutely stunning. My family rented a luxury home on the bluff overlooking the lake. Needless to say, I’ll always have to have lake views at all the places I stay in the future. The home itself was uber modern and totally decked out. Everything was brand new and fancy. Can I just move in immediately?

The house

The house


The town of St. Joe was really fun to explore. It’s very artsy and there are many unique shops to experience. There were these really cute painted animal statues all around town that I just adored. I saw a couple weddings while we were there as well. Heck, now that I can get married (thanks Supreme Court!), I’d absolutely do it in St. Joe.


Whale with a duck in a cowboy hat in the distance lol


The rainbow frog was my fave


This was a sign outside one of the shops. Love how discreet it is. 😛


Epic wall art

I work with a lady who grew up in St. Joe, so she filled me in on things I had to experience. One of those was dining at The Grand Mere Inn. Oh my, the food was delicious. Parmesan chicken, homemade pasta, vintage décor and fresh picked flowers and candles on the tables…I felt rich for a second. Silver Beach was another must visit. I could have stayed there the entire trip. There was so much to do at the beach. I walked along the shore, rode the carousel that was created in an old ballroom, checked out the lighthouses on the pier and even met an eccentric lady walking her pet parrot on a stroller. I loved it all.


This was a huge kaleidoscope that you could stand under in the old ballroom.


Trains run right through the action. I was sad I didn’t see one since we ate pizza right next to the tracks at Silver Beach Pizza.


Me and my sister. She’s usually not this nice. haha


Me and my tall brother


Mom and dad. Aren’t they cute?

Old photo in the ballroom that I enjoyed.

Old photo in the ballroom that I enjoyed.

IMG_0343 IMG_0344 IMG_0355

The weather was colder than we would have liked. Some days it barely even hit 70 degrees! So, the lake was cold. I also threw my back out really bad the second day on vacation. Painful. Almost a week later, it’s still screwed up. This was my sign to start working out again. Yoga needs to start happening. We even had our own vacation pet, a cute cat the visited us a couple times. It was elusive, but I got a picture.



Bluffs are kind of scary.


View from the upper balcony



I know that was a lot of photos. haha I wanted to make a video with the lake in the background, but my messed up back didn’t allow it. Oh well. I had a really wonderful vacation and would love to go back to St. Joe very soon. Now it’s back to the grind. 😦 My next post will be a video of me answering the Darkling Tag! I’m so excited. Big thanks to Samm Sanity for tagging me. I’ll talk to you guys very soon.


My Return + Lake Michigan Vacation


I seem to have neglected this blog lately. I do apologize for that. I haven’t run out of ideas or time. I think I’ve just been putting my energy into other things. But, I’m back now and excited to get posts rolling out again. Your Asylum Attendant is still unleashing insanity upon the normal folk. 😉

I look so normal here! Scary…

About a month ago I went on a vacation to Lake Michigan. The beaches were so beautiful that I never wanted to leave. I thought I would share some pictures from my trip and the stories that go along with them.

The rental house I stayed in resembled a barn. Very different looking with a lot of character. There was also an antique full-length mirror in my room that fascinated me. I wonder how many have peered into its depths…

In front of the barn/house was a small pond. Not long after I arrived, I began to hear a strange noise coming from the pond. It was loud and odd. I saw something moving in the water and it turned out to be a frog. Once one started to croak, many others would appear and join in a chorus. It was quite entertaining. The frogs were very active at night and would respond to my calls from the deck. I never knew I could speak frog, but I felt as if I had full conversations with the frogs. They were great company on my vacation.










I wanted to steal the fake cow. And the huge biker Porky Pig stuffed animal. The entire ice cream parlor was full of pig figurines, toys, stuffed animals…probably why it’s called Oink’s. Too cute.







The best part of my vacation was spending time on the beach. So relaxing and picturesque. I want to own a beach house at some point and just live on the water all the time.

I was sad to leave Lake Michigan, but I hope to be back next year.