Happy Holidays!


Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re all having great times with friends and family. I had a wonderful Christmas and I am thoroughly enjoying a nice long break from work. To celebrate the festive season, I wanted to record a Christmas cover this year. I was researching which song I wanted to cover and came across an Erasure classic called “She Won’t Be Home”. I’d never heard the song before, but instantly become entranced by the melancholy lyrics and synthy goodness. Plus, I adore Erasure, so it was a no brainer to take this on. The recording process was quite interesting. First, I wanted to finish it before Christmas. That didn’t happen. When I finally went to start recording vocals, I noticed that my computer wasn’t recognizing my professional microphone. I did some research and found out that the Windows 10 update could be the culprit. Whatever I tried, I couldn’t get the mic to work and ended up accidentally breaking it. Hooray! Granted, the mic was probably five years old, but I loved it and that sucks. So, I was forced to record my vocals trashy style on my camera. Please excuse the imperfect quality. Also, my vocals fall behind the music at the end. It’s annoying and editing was a bitch. Anyways, I hope you guys like it. At least I look cute, right? lol

I just got my hair done as well. I’m dyeing it colors according to holidays (I got the idea from LeahMouse on YouTube), so I picked pink for Valentine’s Day. I’m bringing the Gothic My Little Pony look back! I seriously love the color. I thought the makeup I paired with the new hair was pretty, too.



My family is doing really well and I’m taking a voluntary demotion at work to decrease my stress levels in the new year. 2016 was truly an insane year and I learned a lot about myself and the quality of life I want. I’m exploring career options outside of my field of study and freelance writing gigs that pay since I’m taking a pay cut along with my demotion. I realize that I’m at a dead end in my current job and I’m ready for something new. I was offered a supervisory position, but I really have no desire to supervise people. I’ve found that people just don’t work as hard as me or care as much as I do and it really bothers me, so I don’t need the headache. I’m going to be a bit selfish and look out for myself first and foremost in 2017.

Last month, I met one of my favorite music artists of all time, Jennifer Parkin from the group Ayria! Her show was phenomenal and I danced and sang my ass off to all of my favorite songs. We shared a heart to heart after the show. I told her what an inspiration she was to me and how her music got me through some tough times. My teenage years were a trip, let me tell you! She encouraged me to keep working toward my dream of becoming an artist like her. Jennifer was super sweet and I’ll always treasure this night.


Me and Jennifer! Ignore the fact that I look like a sweaty puffy coke whore. 😛


Baddie alert! Me and my bestie Ali.


The Cybergoth concert look. Jennifer loved my sparkly jewelry.

My family adopted a couple of families in need for Christmas this year. It was so much fun to shop for the kids and it’s one of my favorite things to do for the holidays. I enjoy giving gifts so much more than receiving them. I did get some really awesome gifts as well. A new bookcase for my office, an electric fireplace to fix the drafty back room of my house and my Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie that I wore in my Christmas cover video. My sister knows me too well! I got my technologically challenged dad a tablet and he hasn’t put it down since Christmas. haha

I always have some new music artist discoveries to share. I seem to have fallen back into a Swedish Pop obsession and I kinda love it. The Swedes just do Pop best, I’m sorry! Dolly Style is a sickeningly sweet trio with influences from Japanese cultures like Lolita and Fairy Kei. Their names are Molly, Holly and Polly and I can’t get their songs or fashion out of my head. One of them (Polly with the purple hair) even looks like a BubbleGoth doll. I can’t!

I’m really addicted to Swedish Idol contestant Charlie Grönvall. I think I stumbled upon one of his videos after a Dolly Style video. I’m sort of superficial and when I saw his emo glam look complete with painted nails, black fringe and eyeliner I melted. He totally reminds me of Adam Lambert. I guess his grandfather is a member of the legendary Swedish group ABBA and his parents are both famous singers as well. Now, it usually bothers me when people with famous family members come on competition shows because I question their motives. That’s not the case with Charlie. He comes off as super genuine and you can feel his love for music. He’s been in a couple of other bands over the years (Bracelet and Little Great Things) and the music is really great. Sadly, he came in third place in the competition, but I’m sure he’ll have a successful career. I’m already planning a trip to Sweden to abduct him.

I hope everyone is pumped for 2017! It has to be a better year than 2016, right!? I’ve watched so many bloggers give up on their blogs during my five years on WordPress and it’s really sad. Some have disappeared and we’ve completely lost touch. I don’t want to be one of those people. Blogs might be a dying art form with attention spans diminishing and instant gratification on the rise, but sharing my life in writing is so therapeutic to me. I love to read about other people’s adventures and challenges as well. Never give up!

I’m excited to create more music, continue writing for Carpe Nocturne, make some career moves, and share it all with you! This is just the beginning.

Much love,

~Asylum Attendant

Christmas List


It’s already that time of the year again. I really do enjoy the holiday season. One of my favorite things to do is find the perfect gifts for the people I care about. I always spend way too much money, but I can’t see that ever changing. Money has never been of high importance to me anyways. Generally, I’m so focused on buying Christmas gifts for other people that I never know what I would like to receive. I’m also ridiculously indecisive and I feel greedy asking for gifts. Well, this year I have created a Christmas List of things I would really love to get. It’s a bipolar list for sure, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone. 😉

1.) The Damned Lita Man Glitter Shoes

Lita Man ShoesI would legit die for these shoes. Pink, sparkly, AND made for men…can it get any better? I love Jeffery Campbell shoes in general, but these stand out. Why must they be so expensive and out of stock?! 😦 Call me a drag queen if you must. I would work the shit out of these.

2.) Snappy Spiked Sock Garters

Spiked Sock GartersI always feel best when wearing spikes. They look rad and can be used as a weapon if necessary, particularly when jealous, threatened men feel the need to attack me. These sock garters from Sock Dreams are a perfect fit.

3.) Good Faeries, Bad Faeries Book

Good FaeriesI believe in a lot of weird stuff. I’m a strange person, what can I say. 🙂 So you best bet I believe in faeries. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and I’ve heard great things about if from some special people. Naturally, I am most curious about the bad faeries…

4.) Living Dead Dolls – Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee

Poe and Annabel Lee DollsLiving Dead Dolls are super creepy cool. I want this set so bad! Poe is my favorite writer of all time. And I’ve always been fascinated by dolls. The combo is epic.

5.) Unicorn Hat and Mittens

Unicorn Hat

Unicorn Mittens

Adorbs. I will forever wish I was a unicorn.

6.) Ouija Board

Ouija Board

I will admit I have a fear of ouija boards. However, I still want to own one. I don’t believe they are inherently evil. I think it all comes down to the intentions of the user. It does concern me that this pink board is marketed to little girls…it shouldn’t be viewed as a game.

7.) Luminess Airbrush Makeup System

LuminessSadly, I have crappy skin. Oil, acne, scarring, and dark marks, hooray! A lot of the time I don’t feel comfortable going out without foundation on to hide/minimize my imperfections. Luminess seems very effective and is a product I would be willing to try out. I love makeup, I just don’t know how to apply it properly. I feel like there should have been a class for that in high school. I know I’m not the only boy who would have enjoyed it.

8.) Tripp Demin Stud Moto Jacket

Tripp Denim JacketGah, this is badass. Studs and spikes bring me joy. Without fail, I can always find something I adore at Hot Topic. I will never stop shopping there. I believe it’s a healthy addiction. I mean, I could be using hard drugs instead.

9.) Voice Lessons

MicI think I’m a decent singer. There is definitely room for improvement, though. I want to learn some techniques from a professional to raise my game. I take singing pretty seriously (well most of the time).

10.) Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Um…how did that pop up here?! I wouldn’t complain if he wound up under my tree this year. 😉

Now it’s back to figuring out what to buy everyone else for Christmas. It will soon be here and I have a lot of shopping to do. Hopefully I don’t end up buying a bunch of stuff for myself along the way. My poor wallet can’t handle that trauma.