Musical Obsessions and Tumblr


I may have disappeared for a little bit again. I’m back with good music finds though, so no one hit me? 🙂

Nikki Williams – Glowing

This girl is gonna be a huge star. Hailing from South Africa, Nikki Williams has blasted onto the dance music scene with her powerful pipes and songwriting talent. She actually co-wrote Demi Lovato’s single “Heart Attack”, which was a huge hit all over the world and one of my favorite songs released this year. The heartfelt lyrics and pulsing beats on “Glowing” really showcase Nikki’s vocal range and writing skills. Love the long red tresses, too. 😉

Avicii and Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One

I won’t lie, I like this music video more than the song itself. I really love the message of rebelling against a life that society pushes upon you. Quit that job you hate. Move somewhere new. Start over. Never give a FUCK about outside opinions. Just do you.

Unicorn Kid – Pure Space

Electronic artist Unicorn Kid makes music you might hear at a rave. Some of his songs sound like they could be in old video games. Visuals are off the chain as well. He’s a cutie.

Unicorn Kid

Iggy Azalea – Work

“Work” is an anthem for me. Australian rapper Iggy Azalea shows that you can get what you want in life through hard work and determination. I can’t believe I didn’t include her in my previous post on female rappers because honestly, Iggy deserves her own post. I really identify with artists like Iggy who have overcome their struggles and turned pain into beauty. Along with being a rapper, Iggy is also a model (she’s so gorgeous). I don’t know if her ass is real or not, but who cares? She’s the shit. And I must do a cover of “Work”…

Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha)

Charli XCX is probably the artist I’m most obsessed with at the moment. Her sound is dark bubblegum pop with an 80’s influence and I can’t get enough of it. Charli just released her debut album, True Romance, full of dark lyrics and electronic soundscapes. The album includes a collaboration with fierce rapper Brooke Candy, another of my favorite musicians out there right now. She is also going to be supporting Marina and the Diamonds on her U.S. tour in May, which makes me very happy. Marina and Charli look like sisters and if Marina likes an artist, you know they’re good. Charli also wrote Icona Pop’s song “I Love It”, which has been blowing up everywhere. And her fashion sense is wicked amazing. Charli looks like she just fell out of a Tumblr blog and takes fashion inspiration from Wednesday Addams and Fairuza Balk from the film The Craft. I could just go on and on. This gothy pop princess has my heart. 🙂

Charli xcx

Along with sharing some splendid artists, I wanted to share that I have also recently created a Tumblr blog! I seem to be posting a lot of creepy cute stuff and little life tidbits there, so follow me for BubbleGoth fun! You never know what might be posted…especially since Tumblr is my new obsession. I’ll try to keep the selfies and nudes to a minimum. lol

Huggles ❤


The Lucky Ones


I’m alive and well. I know that so often I forget how lucky I am to have my health. Stress, anxiety, and drama can take over sometimes. I get so wrapped up in the future or some silly problem that I’m not living in the moment, appreciating how wonderful life is. The moment is really all that matters.

I feel a strong urge lately to live like tomorrow is not a guarantee. If I’m not having fun or growing through experiences, then I feel like my precious time is wasted. At times I think I’m being selfish. I’ve been putting more effort into my appearance, taking better care of myself, and pushing myself to do things I’m not fully comfortable with. I feel happier. I’m enjoying spontaneity. I bring the party wherever I go. 😉

Singer Kerli’s new single “The Lucky Ones” is all about being thankful to be alive and not taking time for granted. We can’t predict what tomorrow will bring, but we can choose to be happy today. Such a beautiful message from the brightest soul I know.

I am one of the lucky ones because I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. ❤


I’m a redhead now. 😮

Why are you one of the lucky ones? 😀

Foreign Female Singers: Part 2


A while back I did a post on some of my favorite foreign female singers. I love music from all over the world and I’m always on the hunt for new music outside of the U.S. I have this fascination with foreign stuff. It’s just infinitely cooler to me. So, I decided to share some more foreign female singers that I really enjoy.

Iiris – Estonia

I end up loving pretty much anything that’s associated with Estonia. Iiris describes herself as a weirdo, which I think is accurate. 😉 Her sound and visuals are magical. A lot of her song titles reference mythical creatures and her music videos are like dark fairy tales. The music itself blends pop, electronic, and alternative elements, creating a one-of-a-kind sound. Iiris comes off as very innocent and sweet with an angelic voice, but she’s got a creep factor going on, too. Just how I like it.

Anjulie – Canada

Anjulie is like a chameleon. She’s taken on almost every music genre with ease. She can even rap! I think it’s important to be ever-evolving when you’re a musician. Sticking with the same sound won’t necessarily keep fans interested. Anjulie’s older stuff was quirkier and more original than what she’s recently put out. “Stand Behind The Music” has a great message and Anjulie could break into the mainstream with her new dance sound.

Robyn – Sweden

I’ve been a Robyn fan since I was 8 years old. Her song “Show Me Love” became a big hit in the 90’s and I remember singing that song all the time with my cousin. It’s just a great pop song. Robyn is still going strong and she’s a very successful dance artist today. I really love her look as well. Robyn is pretty androgynous with her awesome hair and unique fashion sense. She just oozes cool.

Jem – Wales

Jem has a lot of interesting things to say. I picked one of her albums up on a whim because it was dirt cheap and I’d heard of her before. I ended up loving her music and getting tons of inspiration from her lyrics. Jem has no interest in fame and creates positive, uplifting music that also makes you think. Jem’s “They” is a creepy trip hop song with ethereal vocals and a sick beat. So good.

Cascada – Germany

Natalie Horler is the singer of Eurodance act Cascada. I discovered them when their song “Everytime We Touch” blew up on the radio in 2006. It was completely different from everything else on the radio at the time and that intrigued me. Dance music wasn’t as popular then as it is today and “Everytime We Touch” stood out from the hip hop dominated charts. That song was definitely the start of my love for dance music. I always thought Natalie was a great role model for fans. She’s not super thin like most pop stars and doesn’t dress like a slut. That’s why I was shocked when I found out she posed for Playboy in 2011. It just didn’t seem like something she would do. But, it’s her body and I still respect and love her.