Cute Clubber Photo Shoot



It’s photo shoot time! I had the idea for this cutesy fierce look a while ago and I’m happy to finally bring it to life. I think I like the makeup the best because I’m normally not that great at it, but it came out pretty. 🙂





My top is from Lip Service. The Beetlejuice leggings are from Dolls Kill. My platform boots are Demonia with DIY embellishments by myself. The hair bow is actually a bow tie from Hot Topic that works great as a headband. I feel that all together, this was a good mix of light and dark. Sexy and innocent. Bubblegoth realness.



I actually had planned a second soft grunge look for this shoot, but the pictures came out pretty fugly, tbh. I suppose I took on more than I could manage in one night. I’m quite pleased with this look, however. Putting it together made me realize that I need to do this more often. This is what Asylum Attendant looks like in my head. 😉


Blood Photoshoot


Themed photoshoots are one of my favorite ways to express creativity. I can become whoever or whatever I desire and escape reality for a bit. I really needed that escape this past weekend, so I got dolled up and started licking skulls. lol Let me give some background on the inspiration for this photoshoot.

I based the photos on the song and music video Blood by the metal band In This Moment. It’s been my favorite song for over a month and I knew I had to do something once I saw the video for it.

The lead singer of the band, Maria Brink, has quickly become one of my fashion icons. She’s like a Barbie who went to the darkside. I knew I needed to incorporate the color scheme of red, black, and white from the video and album art. My band T-shirt was also quite fitting. Thanks Hot Topic!


















I couldn’t decide whether the lolli or the skull tasted better. 😉 I have to talk about the boots I used. I just got my Demonia Clash 430 boots in the mail the day before the shoot. The 3 and a half inch platforms (which are nothing for me :P) had been on my wishlist for a long time. I got them from this site called Sinister Soles, which has tons of other amazing gothic boots and shoes. And my skeleton necklace is too adorable not to highlight here.




























So, that’s what I was up to this past weekend. I know I’ve been a bit of a mess as far as updating this blog. But, please know that I highly appreciate anyone who takes the time to be a part of this crazy reality I dwell in. I haven’t forgotten about any of my readers and I promise to start connecting with you all again. You guys allow me to be myself, free from judgment, and that seriously means everything to me. Lots of LOVE. ❤


Motor City Pride


This past weekend I went to Motor City Pride in Detroit. I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

It may (or may not) come as a surprise that I am gay. It’s not something that I talk about a lot simply because I think there are more interesting things to discuss. I feel compelled to bring it up after my trip to Pride, though. I’m proud to be gay and this weekend was a celebration of that. Love is love.

Motor City Pride began in Detroit as a gay and lesbian civil rights march in the 1980’s. It has grown a lot over the years and is now composed of many different events celebrating GLBT communities. There is a parade, family picnic, commitment ceremony, and tons of live music. It’s a two-day festival with plenty of things to do and see.

I went to Motor City Pride with my best friend Alexis for the first time this year and it definitely won’t be the last. We both wanted to meet a drag queen because they are the best. I really respect the art of drag and I would love to participate in a drag show at some point. I met a couple fierce queens. Work it!

A major reason I went to Pride this year was because my favorite singer and biggest life inspiration would be performing. I know I blog about Kerli ALL the time, but she is a huge part of my life. I can’t help it. 😛 Kerli’s performance was amazing and I even got to meet her! My life was made. I still can’t process what actually happened. 😀 BubbleGoth overload!

My friend Alexis and I also played with puppies and posed with random statues in front of the Detroit River. We’ve known each other almost our entire lives and I was so happy to share the experience with her. Thank you for standing by my side no matter what, Alexis. I love you. ❤

I also have to talk about my outfit and how popular it was among passersby. I wore my personalized Demonia 7 inch platform boots and I may have stood out a bit. haha So many people asked to take pictures with me and complimented me on my boots. I’m quite the attention whore, so I didn’t mind one bit. 😉 I have no idea how many pictures of me are floating around the web after this past weekend. Pretty rad.

I’m still smiling from the good times. It was wonderful to feel complete acceptance and love all around me. I met so many beautiful, inspiring people that I will never forget. Love wins. 🙂



Fear is evil. Nothing good ever comes out of being afraid. We know our fears are irrational. Stupid. Restrictive. So why do we let our fears rule the way we live? Because it is the easy way out.

Let’s say you are thinking about getting a new job. The pay is better, it seems like it would be more enjoyable, and you’re ready for a change. This is when fear comes in to mess up all of your plans. Fear is like a tiny devil inside your brain. It wants you to constantly second-guess yourself and remain complacent so that it is in control. You’ll stay at that crap job  because you are comfortable there, it’s easy work, and you secretly enjoy complaining about it all the time. In your mind, change is too hard and you’re just not willing to face your fears. Fear has won.

We often fear the unknown. What will I do once I graduate from college? How will people react to my change in appearance? Will I be alone forever? We are too afraid to learn the answers to these questions so we do nothing. And our anxiety goes away, which just reinforces fear and helps it to grow stronger. Fear can be very powerful, but we can always overcome it if we choose to.

I know I still have fears. I’m afraid of failure, social interactions, and insects, just to name a few. But, I generally try to not let fear control my existence. Whenever I get scared, I try to figure out why I feel that way. Can I justify the fear? Or is it something that I can overcome? Most likely I can overcome it. And when you push past fear, you can do anything.

I used to be really afraid of what other people thought of me. I wanted everyone to like me and I stayed away from doing things that society might disapprove of. Potential negative reactions and hate from the outside world kept me in a comfortable little bubble. Life was easy in the bubble, but it wasn’t fun. So, I started to poke holes in the bubble by facing my fears.

Changing my appearance was a big fear I had to face. I don’t want to look like a normal male. I love makeup, long hair, and feminine clothing. I worried about how people would react to me if they saw how feminine I looked. What if I was shunned by society? Would some people react violently to what they saw? I didn’t want to be rejected, but of course I wanted to be happy. So, I gradually started wearing more and more makeup and dressed the way I wanted. Yeah, I got some negative reactions from people, but others really supported my new look and liked it.

I have come to realize that my fears are stupid and should just be ignored. I don’t want to hold anything back in this life. I want to do what I love, look how I feel, love who I want to love, and experience everything that I possibly can. In 100 years, no one will remember any of us. So why not just have fun with life, make some mistakes, and learn many great lessons along the way.

Don’t let fear win. It’s the absolute death of creativity, fun, and love. That’s why I stomp the fuck out of fear with my 7 inch platform boots. It works every time. Demonia boots are useful in so many ways.