Brooke Candy


It appears this is turning into a music blog. Sorry I’m not sorry.

As my last post featured the wholesome, sweet Jewel, I think it’s only necessary to get dirty. Filthy. Disgusting, some might say. It’s high time I discuss fearless rapper Brooke Candy. And yes, that’s her birth name. Her nicknames are really fascinating, too. Freaky Princess, The Hoodrat Drew Barrymore (my fave), Lady T-H-C…makes me want a cool nickname.

Hoodrat Drew Barrymore

Baby Brooke

Baby Brooke

I will admit I was scared of Brooke at first. She’s hyper sexual, blunt, and next level. But, with time Brooke has grown into  one of my favorite rappers, only second to her (and my) idol Lil’ Kim. The Queen Bee just can’t be topped.

Brooke has had a crazy life. Growing up, her father was the CFO of Hustler magazine, which exposed her to sex at a young age. Brooke is also a former stripper. She says she made good money and it prepared her for performing on stage. That experience clearly influenced her personal style and music videos. Raunchy is an understatement. Brooke interned for celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, too. Bananas. It doesn’t sound like Brooke was too fond of her, though…

Brooke first gained recognition in indie artist Grimes’ music video for the song “Genesis”. In her long pink braids, shiny warrior armor, and sassy platforms, Brooke was hard to miss. I first heard of her from singer Kerli. She referred to Brooke as her evil twin and I would say that’s very accurate. They both include fantasy and cyber elements in their fashion. Brooke tends to wear less clothing, naturally.

Brooke Candy Grimes

Kerli and Brooke

Kerli and Brooke be friends

Honesty is really important to me in music. Straight up, I don’t like artists who don’t write their own shit. I just don’t have any respect for them. That’s why Brooke is a breath of fresh air. She doesn’t censor her raps in any way and refuses to sign to a major label that wants to change her. Her goal is to make it into the mainstream as an independent artist and I believe she can do it with the support of her fans, lovingly referred to as FagMob.

Brooke means no disrespect by using the terms “fag” or “slut” in her raps. She’s actually a lesbian as well as a feminist and wants to reclaim insults and flip them into compliments. That’s really admirable. Brooke’s bringing back female rap that empowers and supports women’s rights, just like Lil’ Kim and Khia. Even if her music is sexual, it’s not degrading to women. Brooke is telling women to be in control of their bodies and make their own rules. That’s clear in her song “Pussy Make The Rules”.

Love her or hate her, Brooke’s here to stay. We would totes be friends.

Elle King


Elle King is a super talented musician from the U.S. with an affinity for dirty rap covers, tattoos and banjos. Oh, I love this girl already.

Elle’s music blurs the lines between different genres. She incorporates  elements of rock, soul, country, and pop into her music, creating a fresh and unique sound. Elle has a voice like Adele, humor similar to Al Green, and lyrical talent like Dolly Parton, who is one of her idols. She plays the guitar, piano, and my personal favorite, the banjo. A banjo just takes any song to the next level. 😉

Elle King

Elle draws inspiration for her songs from relationships and break-ups, as evidenced in her song “Good To Be A Man”, a funny track about a failed romance. Humor is actually an important part of Elle’s music, which I always appreciate. Musicians who take themselves too seriously need to take a page from her book. Elle even covered a song by the filthy female rapper Khia, which turned out hilariously amazing. I also covered that Khia song…dirty minds think alike? 😀

A interesting tidbit about Elle King is that she is the daughter of actor/comedian Rob Schneider (she even starred in one of his films as a kid), though she’s quick to let it be known the two are not close. Elle used her natural talent and lots of hard work to get where she is today. She didn’t get any help from her father and grew up in Ohio (far from Los Angeles), but I’m sure some of Rob’s humor rubbed off on Elle.

I heard about Elle from my rad hair stylist Kelly. Along with doing bitchin’ hair, Kelly also works at The Fillmore, a popular concert venue in Detroit. Kelly gets to hear new artists all the time and met Elle after her performance one night. I’m totally jealous! But, so happy to have discovered Elle’s music. Her first album should be out very soon and I can’t wait. I’ll definitely have to catch her the next time she’s in town. And we can sing Khia together at the top of our lungs. No shame.

Elle King 2