The Hermit


The Hermit


Wrapped in a cocoon of isolation

Misery is the ideal vacation.

Locked in a vault of fantasy

Living out a deranged destiny.


Blame is perpetually deflected

While responsibility is constantly rejected.

Apologies don’t exist in the bunker

Where distorted memories are the anchor.


Adoration quickly morphs into contempt

Not a soul is exempt.

Safety is not guaranteed within the queendom

Banishment is a welcome freedom.


Pleasure is derived from suffering

Smiles are reduced to nothing.

The trigger is always a conundrum

Followed by a terrifying tantrum.


Decisions must be rash

Contemplation belongs in the trash.

Weakness is not an option

And rejection is a deadly toxin.


A constant demand for affection

Reflects a yearning for connection.

Vulnerabilities are given to vultures

Who turn innocents into lifeless sculptures.


A loving personality is hidden

Behind the steel bars of a prison.

Wallowing in a false escape

Will leave a permanent scrape.


Rectification is still possible,

Though trust is not probable.

No matter how hard you pull away

There is another open doorway.


Carpe Nocturne: Summer Steampunk Issue 2015


Carpe Nocturne Summer 2015
Steamy weather outside means that the Summer Steampunk issue of Carpe Nocturne is finally here. We have a male cover model this time with an epic handlebar moustache. This issue covers Steampunk music from around the world, gear-filled events you’ll want to learn more about and our new poetry feature, Dark Corners. Check out my article on the hilarious, but talented Goth musician Aurelio Voltaire, my interviews with Swedish latex model Arathin (whose blog you all should check out) and anti-bullying group Heroes United Against Cosplay Bullying, my CD reviews of bands Atomzero and Suicidal Romance, my legendary (haha) poem Teatime, and the debut of my LGBTQ column, Sanctuary of the Strange. I’m most thrilled about the LGBTQ column since it’s obviously closest to my heart and very personal. I’ve always wanted to create my own sanctuary and it’s happening.

We’ve switched to Magzter for the digital releases moving forward and I think the quality and such is much better. You can also now access the magazine on your phone or tablet, which is awesome. Pick up a digital or print copy at or

Now, I must get back to writing for Fall. The pressure is on for our Goth issue. Just wait and see what I’ve got up my creepy little sleeve. đŸ˜‰




Loud music and NASCAR races,

Hoodies and BBQ.

Cats named after rock stars

And eyes the deepest shade of blue.

You rode a riding lawnmower to our house

You borrowed all of our tools.

Sometimes you weren’t all there,

With your fast cars, you were never one to follow rules.

You needed a friend

To go to the movies with.

But, people were your biggest fear,

So you spent time with a fifth.

They judged your failures and minimized your successes

You could do no right.

You went to another world

In which day might as well have been the dead of night.

Could we have saved you?

You stayed as long as you could stand for us.

I wish I would have been more understanding,

Pummeling your anxieties to dust.

Everyone said I looked like you

And we were so similar.

With the strength you left behind,

I’ll carry on into the future.

Your memory is all around.

From the shelves you built me

To the house you left me,

You’ll always be our Tony.

Everlasting Winter


I’m beyond sick of winter. I wrote this poem during the snowstorm I sat watching yesterday. Enjoy!

Everlasting Winter


The colder I become,

My soul feels more and more numb.

Warmth I cannot recall,

Confronted by this icy wall.


Damaged is my skin,

From fingers long and thin.

The scars will stay on my body;

Weakness I embody.


Misfortune possesses those close to me;

Health decays rapidly.

Death creeps in when it is darkest,

Barraging the feeble the harshest.


Entrapment breeds hopelessness,

The frigid air filled with loneliness.

Motivation has no light to grow,

Melting like grimy snow.


An avalanche of boredom,

I cannot overcome.

I crave transcendence

Above complacence.


Refrigerated and stale,

Barren and oh-so pale.

A scorching revival

Can thaw my pensive spiral.


An everlasting Winter

Must eventually wither.

As heat awakens foliage

No longer under hostage.

Not Like The Rest


Not Like The Rest


Tired bodies all around

Resignation abound.

Dreams dissipated long ago,

Leaving a battlefield of woe.


Addictions fill the space,

Plastered on every face.

Connection solely exists

Through technologic mists.


Adventure is forsaken

As the mundane is awakened.

Isolation chisels the air,

But no one even cares.


Television is a sickness,

Flashing frames of sadness.

Absorbing all the drama

Erases years of trauma.


Complaints are the entertainment

Comments loaded with resentment.

Whines murder joy,

Leaving time for toys.


Work is always everywhere

That’s all there really is to share.

Clocking out is fantasy

Some minds just can’t stay free.


I tried to sweep away the gloom,

But I couldn’t grasp the broken broom.

It fell hard to the ground

Creating not a single sound.


Cycles sometimes need to break

For the next generation’s sake.

What seems selfish to one

Keeps another from a gun.




Behind the labels and technology,

Frightened eyes peer back at me.

I’ve now come to realize

I’m older than you’ll ever be.


A human emerged from the shrine

Too late, yet much too soon.

From infatuation to contempt,

Your presence no longer makes me swoon.


Feigned compassion

Integrity is not your virtue.

I bled to death

While a scratch never appeared on you.


Desperate to garner affection,

Primping gave way to a loss of identity.

Striving for your ideal

Destroyed my originality.


Glimmers of sweetness still appear,

Taunting me from their lofty height.

Distance would heal my wounds;

The daily axe I cannot fight.


Hiding within a nonstop masquerade,

You’re spinning out of control.

I tried to ride the twisted carousel,

But, the revolutions took their brutal toll.


Back in my personal asylum,

I slowly discover myself again.

Your spell over me has lifted

And another chapter now begins.