Valentin Perrin


I’ve got a slight crush on French fashion designer/photographer Valentin Perrin. While he’s completely adorable, Valentin is also extremely talented. His photos are amazing and his couture designs are flawless. We also share the same taste in fashion. So why did I not know of him sooner?!

Valentin is totally the male version of Emilie Autumn. All the stripes, tea, and red hair really remind me of her. My own style is heavily influenced by Emilie, so I see a lot of myself in Valentin. I’m always attracted to pale, skinny, feminine guys and this is no exception. I like them creepy, too. I’ve also been known to do some weird stuff with stuffed animals…

As a designer, Valentin is superb. Not many people can create clothes as gorgeous as these.

Another cute boy, Thomas Vitriol, works with Valentin and is also a singer. Gotta put in a picture of him, too. 😉

You can check out more about Thomas and Valentin on their websites. I really like them both. Feminine men make me quite happy. Let’s continue to break gender norms and challenge what society dictates a man should be. Real men obviously wear stockings and hella fierce makeup.

I wanted to mention that Valentin Perrin did not directly influence the poem I posted a while back on this blog. I just coincidentally picked that name for the poem because it fit and I didn’t want to use the guy’s real name for confidentiality purposes. However, I can say that since writing that poem, my relationship has grown substantially with a special guy. I think I might be in love, which is super exciting! It’s so weird because I have never felt this way before, but it’s amazing. 😀 Do you guys want to hear more about my love life? I feel like it’s a very different topic for me and pretty personal. Change is a good thing, though. Just let me know. 🙂 I promise to stay twisted. lol ❤

Sock Dreams


I am completely obsessed with this online store called Sock Dreams. They are based out of Portland, Oregon and their selection of socks is very impressive. From thigh highs to anklets, you’re going to find something you like. I first found them when I was in search of striped thigh highs and I’m so glad I placed an order. Their socks are durable, thick, and soft. They also carry plus sizes with extra stretch so those with thick thighs (like me) can still achieve a thigh high look comfortably. Also, their customer service is great and they have the fastest free shipping of any online store I’ve ever encountered (orders ship out in less than 24 hours!).

Some of my favorite items include:

Ethereal Arm Warmers

Elizabethan Lace Over the Knees












Super Stripes (Every Emilie Autumn fan NEEDS a pair...or 10)

Lace Trimmed Satin Striped Bustle













Roll-On Body Adhesive (No saggy socks allowed)

Spider Lace Pantyhose (Oh My Goth)













Straps and Studs Arm Warmers

Starry Night Socks (Awww)












Gay Knee Highs...haha

Snappy Geared Up Garters












Harajuku Vitamin Arm Warmers (<3 Japan)

Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs













Go get you some goodies!