I’m trying to get back into writing. This is my first attempt in a long time: a Valentine’s Day poem for my boyfriend. I hope he likes it. πŸ˜‰



We attended the same high school

We barely spoke in class

I was as quiet as a ghoul

You gave all kinds of sass


You swiped right on Tinder

It took me by surprise

My heart was in cinders

Never having luck with other guys


We started to talk

You seemed really nice

I didn’t even balk

Just went ahead and rolled the dice


When finally we met

At that seedy country bar

I saw your skull sweater silhouette

And friendly face from afar


Conversation came easy

You made me laugh

We were both full of whimsy

The picture perfect photograph


Our first date lasted well into the night

Neither of us wanted it to end

Being with you felt so right

I could already tell you were more than a friend


Our relationship has grown

I met your sweet Ivy

The time sure has flown

At least you keep your Pyrex tidy


I hope we’ll be together forever

As permanent as a meaningful tattoo

I promise to be there for you through whatever

That’s why it’s time I say “I love you!”



How To Get A Boyfriend


I’m late as always, but Happy Valentine’s Day! I was just going to do a themed photo shoot to celebrate this year like I did two years ago. You can check out that blog post here. But, then I had a cute idea. I could use silly pictures to give relationship advice. Think of it as a checklist of things to do to hook the guy of your dreams. Of course this is all in fun and extra comical because I’ve never had a boyfriend. So, maybe this should be called “What Not To Do When Attracting A Mate”. I don’t understand why these haven’t worked for me all these years…

How To Get A Boyfriend

1.) Mix and match your stockings. Perfection is undesirable. So are shaved legs.


2.) Wear your heart on your sleeve. Literally.



3.) Put bows in your hair. Maintain your innocence.



4.) Apply makeup how you like. Outside opinions mean nothing.


5.) Smile! Joy is contagious.


Skeleton hand hair clips double as brooches.

Those are all my tips! In all seriousness, all you need to do to find love is to be yourself. Fall in love with yourself and that light will attract anything you want in life. Your significant other will admire your integrity and that’s true love. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a relationship with someone else or just with yourself. I’ll finish this post with the rest of the photo shoot! ❀

Valentines 2014

This was the whole creepy cute look. Sass included.


I love the creepy masks on this shirt.




Slut Face/Pose

Slut Face/Pose



Updates: Hair, V-Day, and Emilie Autumn


I really am terrible at updating this blog. Instead of an insightful or exciting post, I’m going to discuss random stuff going on in my life. Hooray!

So, I got my hair done recently and I must say that red hair really suits my personality. My badass, blue-haired stylist went for a brighter red this time without telling me (she knows I’m up for anything) and I really like it. I get compliments on it pretty much everyday, which is very nice. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my natural hair color again. If you don’t like something about yourself, then change it. A little hair dye never hurt anyone. Some people don’t like my red hair, but it makes me happy. That’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

Valentine’s Day was a lot of fun. I put on all my festive heart accessories and blew bubbles with the kids at the clinic. Who doesn’t enjoy bubbles? One adorable little boy in particular danced around the lobby popping all the bubbles. Every time he comes in he’s smiling and so happy to be there. I so appreciate his random dance breaks in front of my window. I don’t know why he comes in for therapy or what his history is, but I will always smile with him. His positivity and bright spirit are infectious. Why do adults lose that playful innocence? It’s so important to play and be carefree sometimes. I would much rather interact with the kids than other staff members. Maybe that’s why all the kids like me best and draw me lots of sweet pictures. πŸ˜‰ To the other little boy who asked me to draw him a rainbow and a unicorn (reminds me of the wall art pictured below that I found at Pride last year), you are awesomely unique and special. The Disney Princess movies were always my favorite, too. I kind of wish I had done another themed photo shoot like I did last Valentine’s Day. I had a blast putting that one together. There’s always St. Patrick’s day…

MCP 001

Now on to the main event: The Emilie Autumn concert! Last weekend, I got to see EA live for the second time and the show was epic. Not even a lovely Michigan snowstorm could keep me away from the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. Alice In Wonderland’s “In A World Of My Own” proceeded the start of the show, which set the atmosphere for the descent into madness. (Emilie claims to be the descendant of Alice Liddell, the real-life girl who inspired Carroll’s books, so the song is certainly fitting.)

The show itself was more like a circus than a concert, complete with fire hula hoops, stilt walking, and feather fan dancing. Emilie and her Bloody Crumpets know how to entertain. The girls’ handmade costumes were gorgeous and Emilie went through a myriad of wardrobe changes throughout the show. I will say that I missed EA’s violin playing from the last show. I hope she brings it back to the live shows at some point. I never would have guessed that Emilie was starting to lose her voice during the performance because she sounded so strong. She would cancel a show before she would ever lip sync.



Equally as exciting as the concert was looking around at what all the fans were wearing. Plague Rats are super crafty and original…we learned from the best, after all. The girl with the sky high pink mohawk, stripey Beetlejuice pants, and dangerously tall platform boots fit right in amongst the eclectic crowd. I could tell that many people had constructed their elaborate outfits themselves. I felt right at home amidst the fabulous freaks and outcasts. I wish I had dressed a bit crazier, but I still represented with my stripes and combat boots.

I definitely went through a range of emotions from start to finish. From empowerment during “Fight Like A Girl” to despair during “The Art of Suicide”, EA succeeded at creating a moving experience for her Plague Rats. I almost teared up at the end during Emilie’s heartfelt speech to us all in which she thanked us, applauded our individuality, and gave us the keys to the asylum. She’s a class act and I left that show feeling so special and inspired. I may not feel as close to Emilie as I once did, but she’s still one of my favorite musicians of all time and a massive inspiration to me both personally and professionally. Us asylum inmates have to stick together. πŸ™‚