I’m trying to get back into writing. This is my first attempt in a long time: a Valentine’s Day poem for my boyfriend. I hope he likes it. πŸ˜‰



We attended the same high school

We barely spoke in class

I was as quiet as a ghoul

You gave all kinds of sass


You swiped right on Tinder

It took me by surprise

My heart was in cinders

Never having luck with other guys


We started to talk

You seemed really nice

I didn’t even balk

Just went ahead and rolled the dice


When finally we met

At that seedy country bar

I saw your skull sweater silhouette

And friendly face from afar


Conversation came easy

You made me laugh

We were both full of whimsy

The picture perfect photograph


Our first date lasted well into the night

Neither of us wanted it to end

Being with you felt so right

I could already tell you were more than a friend


Our relationship has grown

I met your sweet Ivy

The time sure has flown

At least you keep your Pyrex tidy


I hope we’ll be together forever

As permanent as a meaningful tattoo

I promise to be there for you through whatever

That’s why it’s time I say “I love you!”


How To Get A Boyfriend


I’m late as always, but Happy Valentine’s Day! I was just going to do a themed photo shoot to celebrate this year like I did two years ago. You can check out that blog post here. But, then I had a cute idea. I could use silly pictures to give relationship advice. Think of it as a checklist of things to do to hook the guy of your dreams. Of course this is all in fun and extra comical because I’ve never had a boyfriend. So, maybe this should be called “What Not To Do When Attracting A Mate”. I don’t understand why these haven’t worked for me all these years…

How To Get A Boyfriend

1.) Mix and match your stockings. Perfection is undesirable. So are shaved legs.


2.) Wear your heart on your sleeve. Literally.



3.) Put bows in your hair. Maintain your innocence.



4.) Apply makeup how you like. Outside opinions mean nothing.


5.) Smile! Joy is contagious.


Skeleton hand hair clips double as brooches.

Those are all my tips! In all seriousness, all you need to do to find love is to be yourself. Fall in love with yourself and that light will attract anything you want in life. Your significant other will admire your integrity and that’s true love. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a relationship with someone else or just with yourself. I’ll finish this post with the rest of the photo shoot! ❀

Valentines 2014

This was the whole creepy cute look. Sass included.


I love the creepy masks on this shirt.




Slut Face/Pose

Slut Face/Pose







The moment I heard of you

I felt your energy embrace me.

I longed to meet you,

Not knowing why.


Reality disappeared

Once I caught sight of you.

Your kind smile drew me closer

Like the softest net.


Lost in your aura,

My composure flittered away.

Your hand in mine,

The feeling shook me up inside.


I wanted to hold on

But, the timing wasn’t right.

Something in your grip

Revealed the sweetness within.


Aesthetic perfection,

My eyes were stuck on you.

I tried to avert my stare,

While yours kept me beautifully distracted.


Did you feel it, too?

How could you not have?

A connection so vivid

Could not be one-sided.


Your outer shell couldn’t hide

The uniqueness you possess.

I’m comforted,

Reminded of my once shameful traits.


You brighten my dull surroundings,

Filling me with energy.

I gravitate towards your soul,

As light as it can be.

I swore I would never fall for anyone…

Motor City Pride


This past weekend I went to Motor City Pride in Detroit. I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

It may (or may not) come as a surprise that I am gay. It’s not something that I talk about a lot simply because I think there are more interesting things to discuss. I feel compelled to bring it up after my trip to Pride, though. I’m proud to be gay and this weekend was a celebration of that. Love is love.

Motor City Pride began in Detroit as a gay and lesbian civil rights march in the 1980’s. It has grown a lot over the years and is now composed of many different events celebrating GLBT communities. There is a parade, family picnic, commitment ceremony, and tons of live music. It’s a two-day festival with plenty of things to do and see.

I went to Motor City Pride with my best friend Alexis for the first time this year and it definitely won’t be the last. We both wanted to meet a drag queen because they are the best. I really respect the art of drag and I would love to participate in a drag show at some point. I met a couple fierce queens. Work it!

A major reason I went to Pride this year was because my favorite singer and biggest life inspiration would be performing. I know I blog about Kerli ALL the time, but she is a huge part of my life. I can’t help it. πŸ˜› Kerli’s performance was amazing and I even got to meet her! My life was made. I still can’t process what actually happened. πŸ˜€ BubbleGoth overload!

My friend Alexis and I also played with puppies and posed with random statues in front of the Detroit River. We’ve known each other almost our entire lives and I was so happy to share the experience with her. Thank you for standing by my side no matter what, Alexis. I love you. ❀

I also have to talk about my outfit and how popular it was among passersby. I wore my personalized Demonia 7 inch platform boots and I may have stood out a bit. haha So many people asked to take pictures with me and complimented me on my boots. I’m quite the attention whore, so I didn’t mind one bit. πŸ˜‰ I have no idea how many pictures of me are floating around the web after this past weekend. Pretty rad.

I’m still smiling from the good times. It was wonderful to feel complete acceptance and love all around me. I met so many beautiful, inspiring people that I will never forget. Love wins. πŸ™‚

Zero Gravity


If you don’t know the singer Kerli, then check her out. I can’t even begin to describe my love for her newest song Zero Gravity. Best lyrics she’s ever written. Her visuals keep evolving and getting better. She’s managed to create a commercial sound without compromising her integrity. I really think this is her year. And I couldn’t be happier for her.

I have a very special relationship with Kerli. I feel like we’ve been through a lot of the same things and I relate to her more than any other person I know. She grew up in Estonia, which was under Soviet occupation until she was 4 years old. Kerli didn’t belong there and couldn’t live surrounded by people who were so negative and had no dreams. She wasn’t accepted by the people there because she was different and strived for something more than those around her. Kerli wanted to pursue a career in music and was constantly writing and honing her craft, even though she had very little support from anyone. Kerli always felt very restricted by her environment and she became very depressed to the point that she was suicidal and attempted to kill herself. Thankfully she was unsuccessful. She wrote many songs during her depression and many more after she came out of it. Kerli signed with a major music label, Island Records, and released her first album in 2008. It dealt with death and darkness, but it was also hopeful and very inspirational.

When I first discovered Kerli, I was 18 and so lost. I never fit in anywhere and I couldn’t connect with the world. I was hiding my true self and putting on an act everyday to try and please others. I thought that making other people happy would make me happy. I desperately wanted to belong and if I had to fake it was fine with me. But, it was slowly killing me. I developed severe depression and I started researching ways to commit suicide. I’m a perfectionist, so I didn’t want to be unsuccessful. I pushed away everyone that was close to me so that it would be easier to end it. I just remember feeling so alone and in so much pain. It was unbearable.

Kerli’s music was the only thing that kept me going. It made me feel a little less alone. Like someone actually understood me for the first time ever. And her message actually pulled me out of my depression. She made me realize that I could be and do absolutely anything. Killing myself wouldn’t solve my problems. And I was much too strong and beautiful to go that route. I didn’t have to hide who I was anymore. The past was the past, but dwelling on it wouldn’t make me happy. I became free from my pain and started owning my reality instead of being a victim. I am eternally grateful for all that she has done for me.

I didn’t think this post would go so dark, but I hope others can relate. I really believe that the most beautiful people have suffered through the most pain. After all, pain will only grow you and make you a better soul.

My favorite lyric from Zero Gravity is this: “Traces of sadness no more chain me to the ground”. To me, it represents moving beyond your pain and basking in love and light. Love is truly all that matters.

Integrity. Love. Unity.